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Fresh Christmas Prints

   Hello there and good morning to you! It's still dark here in Oklahoma, but the dogs have already been fed and the sun is slowly creeping up in the east and it is time for me to get to work before getting a little miss off to school!
   I am so happy to offer to you an expanded collection of Christmas prints! I just added these fresh designs to my etsy shop--- perhaps there is one you've been wanting?

And since my Scandinavian/Swedish themed items are so popular, I thought I would offer a special trio of prints in that theme for a discounted price. When you order the Scandinavian Print Trio you will instantly have a collection of unique Scandinavian Christmas art to celebrate the holidays with!

All of these pieces are now available in my etsy shop! And stay tuned--- later today I'm going to start Christmas Postcard Pre-orders! Yes, that time is coming!

Have a wonderful day,

PS: Getting into the Christmas spirit around here, I changed the seasonal look of the blog-- what do you think? Do the colors come across well on your computer and is it easy to read?


  1. I love the new blog redesign! It looks gorgeous Heather! Super christmassy! I love your prints. Such a gorgeous set!

  2. I love the new blog look as well for the upcoming holiday season. And the prints are just beautiful!! I cannot believe that it is time to prepare for Christmas with weather still seeming like late summer around here!! I need to spend some more time in your shop with holiday instead of Halloween on my mind!

  3. Dear Heather,

    It is ALL looking festive and cosy. A perfect combination for Christmas!

    Beautiful designs as always.


  4. thank you so much, ladies!~! :D

  5. I love your beautiful art! And your blog looks great! I'm enjoying your blog tonight!


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