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Happy Halloween!

    I can't believe that it is already Halloween! The last day of October, and time to get up to tricks--- and treats! I hope you have a wonderful day and get to enjoy the fun and childlike aspect of the night. I plan on making some very decadent cider, enjoying a meal with friends and taking our little ones (our little cats, I should say! Both are dressing as kitties) out to fill their candy buckets in the neighborhood.
   I know after tonight it will be a quick slide to Christmas, and I am so looking forward to it! But today, I'm going to stop and savor the pumpkiny loveliness, and indulge in some sweets. What better way to spend an evening, right? And before we transition into complete Christmas fun-- here are a few Halloween photos of mine I'd love to share with you:

Happy Halloween!~!~!


  1. My porch is ready, candy in the basket, and new candles in all of the votives going outside to light the pathway!1 Trick or Treat!

  2. Pricelss pictures, Heather! I adore your two dogs - almost as much as I adore mine, right? ;-) - and that first picture of the little girl in that BEAUTIFUL hat is amazing. When does it date from, I wonder?

    Happy, happy Hallowe'en to you and your beautiful daughter and happy sweet munching. We are tucking into a maple syrup cake.


  3. Happy Halloween, Heather! The day has finally arrived. Wow, that cider sounds good. May have to try that. I made apple cider cupcakes today to celebrate! Loved your photos - especially of the two pups!!!! :) Hope your little miss has fun trick or treating...hopefully, there will be some goodies in there for you, too!

  4. Heather can I tell you that I adore your art, wait happily for Tasha Tuesdays, but now I know we could be besties - I have a little cavalier as well!

  5. I tried to comment on this post yesterday, but it didn't stick! Hope you had a perfect Halloween with lots of goodies!

  6. Such beautiful Halloween-pictures. You have such a fantastic sense for style Heather, you really know how to create an atmosphere.
    And as for my dolls house- I bought it from my neighbour who is a collector of antique toys- she even has toys displayed in the Stockholm Toy Museum. The dolls house didn´t come cheap, so we have made a payment plan where I pay her a very little sum of money each month for three years :)

  7. lovely lovely Halloween-pictures. I always anjoy yours especially..
    here my little girl was a witch and the boy a joker. little one was nothing other than surprised looking at them :)
    your beautiful art has arrived...looove it. the calender hanging in our kitchen now. the beautiful Lucia I will put up on the wall later...thanks so so much..very happy and smiling with joy here...soon to be Christmas as you say..

    love Lycke


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