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Happy Saint Nicholas Day!~

  Happy St. Nicholas day to you, my friends! I hope you find an unexpected treasure or treat today in the spirit of the day! For many, St. Nicholas Day is one of the first festivities of the Christmas season, just after the first Sunday of Advent. We had our St. Nicholas Festival at my church on Sunday, and my painting of St. Nicholas (now available as a print!) was donated to the parish. 

   There are many, many ways to celebrate St. Nicholas day (you can find some ideas HERE) but our church celebrates with stories and songs about him and his adventures (He saves poor young women! Rescues children! Saves ships and sailors! Is imprisoned and then set free by the Emperor! He really got around ;) ) Then later, lo and behold, "St. Nicholas" shows up and passes out goodies to the kids.

 Happy St. Nicholas Day!~


  1. Happy St. Nicholas Day! My Episcopal church holds a little bazaar every year called the St. Nicholas Bazaar, but that's about it. I love your photos!!!

  2. Yeah! Looks like fun. I need to read about these stories. I have opted not to take Zoey to the "mall Santa" craziness, but I would like to tell her the real st Nick stories someday.

  3. His robes are beautiful, and he even has a staff - what fun for all the children! Happy Saint Nicholas Day! I'm going to go eat a chocolate gold coin now. :)

  4. Hi Heather! I just love this traditional depiction of St. Nicholas as a saint. It's so nice to show kids (and grown ups too!) the very real beginnings of their traditions!

  5. I love these photos from the St. Nicholas Day celebration. Such a beautiful outfit!The children look quite excited about what the good bishop has for them!

  6. What a lovely tradition to celebrate in your Parish. As I come from a Dutch heritage, St. Nicholas Day is always observed in our household, with my "kloppen" being filled with fruit, nuts, and sweet treats.
    Wishing you a joyful holiday Heather!
    Warmly, Judy


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