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Tasha Tuesday: Capturing the art of Christmas

   In all her books and illustrations, Tasha Tudor was a master of all seasons, but to me--- Christmas is where she shines. In her winter and holiday pieces, she really captures something that speaks to the soul. It's quiet. It's homespun. It's filled with family and animals. It's of a time long ago yet somehow very familiar. It's like something you remember from childhood. And she manages to get that feeling across in every painting.

  What always amazes me about Tasha's art is the amount of detail. All the little pieces of kitchen utensils, the tools hanging from the fire place mantle, the little mittens and hats, the birds and cats and rabbits tucked into unsuspecting corners. It's a lot of inspiration for me as an artist, to look at her paintings. As a reader and mama, I enjoy the stories that come with them too.

  Do you have a favorite Tasha Tudor holiday book, or a particular holiday painting? Do tell!
And have a wonderful Tasha Tuesday!~

* All illustrations in this post by Tasha Tudor.

* Who is Tasha Tudor? Click HERE to find out!


  1. I have Tasha's Joy Christmas book which I have enjoyed for many many years. I agree with you that her Christmas paintings speak to such simplicity and beauty.

  2. I love that book too! SO much beautiful Christmas stuff within. I need to pull out my copy!

  3. "The Doll's Christmas" is precious (kind of a Chrismas version of "A is for Annabelle", which was one of my daughter's favorite picture books ever!) And I have, "Take Joy!" - put it out every December. I can't get over Tasha Tudor's attention to detail - in her life AND art! Such an amazing woman.

  4. Dear Heather,

    Amen to your post! Tasha's paintings have a way of drawing you in and stealing your heart, don't they? I love A Time to Keep and Take Joy. I'm watching out for a "Becky's Christmas" that doesn't cost $60! :)



  5. how did this post pass me by? so lovely! I got Becky's Christmas from the library, it's enchanting, but I think Julia is about 1 year out from really being able to appreciate it -- I love love love a Doll's Christmas, we read that one last year, have you read it? It's just wonderful!

  6. I agree totally. Tasha really embodies the spirit of the holiday in her art. So precious. :) Makes me smile just to see it here. I need to watch her holiday video again!!!


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