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Tasha Tuesday

    "I always wanted to live in Vermont, and because I always get my own way, this where I settled. The first thing I did was plant daffodils-- over a thousand. The road was impassable, so I carried them in by backpack. And my rhododendrons I brought in through a foot of snow in a wheelbarrow."
-- Tasha Tudor
The Private World of Tasha Tudor

    Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday and a bit of 'getting your own way' just like Tasha. 

This time of year always makes me think about when the first bulbs will pop up. I planted over 100 daffodils myself, some for my own yard and some for my neighborhood garden. I cant wait to see their pretty yellow faces!

  And speaking of gardens, and Tasha's garden in particular, I saw where tickets for the 2013 tours of her garden in Vermont will be on sale soon. It sounds like such a wonderful time! You can go HERE for more info.



  1. I wish daffodils grew well in Florida. Sometimes you can get them to come up but not consistently. I remember my yard growing up in Virginia was full of bulb flowers in spring. I can only imagine how stunning 1000 daffodils look at Tasha's estate!

  2. I'm sure your daffodils will be lovely! I always buy my flowers because I have a black thumb but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy them. :-)

  3. Yes. They're my favorite flower and were my wedding flower--the rest of the bouquet was Pussywillows and Cattails--and they always make me happy. Someday when I have a yard, they'll be everywhere just like that. :)

  4. Oh I dream about being able to tour her grounds someday!!!!

  5. This reminds me! I'm hoping to take a road trip to Salem, Mass this Summer. It's a 12 hour drive. One route takes you through Toronto and New York, the other through Montreal and Vermont, so excited!

  6. Ah...I have always wanted to live in Vermont, too. I'm just a few states away...so maybe someday it will happen!!!! :)


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