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  I'm cuddled up in my art room today in an outfit that would have me indited on What Not to Wear and dreaming of bright springtime flowers and folksy motifs. For Christmas my friend Beth got me this adorable embroidered tapestry with little domestic scenes of old-timeyness, like candle dipping and spinning. I've hung it here with me where I paint to inspire, since at the moment little homey scenes seem very much on my mind.

   Some other inspiration comes from some tiny little Norwegian baby mittens I found tucked in my church box on Ash Wednesday. I love the bright color and the tiny little stitches. And I love good friends like Beth and Mother Mary Ann, who found the mittens for me on a trip in Colorado, who think of me when they see these adorable treasures.

  And speaking of treasures, I made a few myself for my own little valentines-- like these red felt hearts with a lace overlay. I put the valentine cards in the lace, which is actually a pocket. I always like little notes, so I thought this would be fun to make.

  Well, as for today, I have some painting plans! So I better get to it! And you can count on there being some lovely folksy reds included! 


  1. Such lovely , bright gifts to surround yourself with for inspiration! Red always cheers me up. I love those cute baby mittens!! Looking forward to your red inspirations to come. What fun!

    1. I love red too, it's perfect for any season really!

  2. Replies
    1. I know...I am terrible with embroidery so I can appreciate the skill this took!

  3. Such pretty happy things! Love embroidery. I'm actually pretty good at it, but I have craft project ADD.

    Anyway, happy weekend! Happy painting!

  4. Such beautiful bright bursts of color for winter! The tapestry is lovely, and I adore your lacy heart! Happy painting, Heather!

  5. Love the embroidery - the colours, the details, the folky feel (Scandinavian??) Isn't it amazing what a needle and a thread can do?
    the red and white mitten are dead cute - the more I look at the the knits like these, the more I wish to knit them myself :)

    Looking forward to seeing your sewn felt hearts :)

  6. Oh my gosh how cozy are all of these things! Have you ever done a post showing your art room? I'd love to see it!


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