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Another Blog Party!~

   Since we all had a good time with the St. Lucia Blog Procession, I thought we might try another one for Easter! What do you think? I will try to get a linky tool going again and on the Saturday before Easter (March 30) we can begin our procession--- or rather, our Easter Parade!

  All you have to do to join is put on your virtual Easter bonnet and make up an Easter post, then come back here to link it to the linky tool as we did with the St. Lucia Procession. Let me know if you plan to join, and I will also link to your blog in my sidebar in anticipation of the event! Feel free to use the above graphic to promote our parade on your blog, facebook page, twitter, etc.

   Happy Spring, my friends! And a blessed Easter to you as well!~


  1. I would love to participate. Count me in.

  2. Count me in! This will be such fun. The St. Lucia procession was delightful. Love this adorable photo you selected as well. So vintage and reminiscent of Easter joy with children.

  3. Oh that would be so much fun, Heather! :) And I know exactly what I can make as a special gift. Thank you! Looking forward to a little blog party fun and meeting new folks.

  4. Sounds like fun. I've already got all my posts planned out for March since I'll be on a bit of a holiday but I hope to be able to do the next blog party. The St. Lucia one was such fun.

  5. Dear Heather,
    it would be a pleasure to be a part of this Party! Thank you and greetings
    from Erika

  6. Heather, since your party was still open, I went ahead and linked up today's Easter recap post. Better late than never? I've loved reading along with everyone! xxxxooo


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