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   It seems like very slowly, the world is starting to wake up. We had some nice sunny days lately, although its cold and gray today and sleeting ice. Spring is a finicky season!
   I am also trying to get back to the painting table and creating some warm weather pieces. I got the Baker's Creek seed catalog a while back and it makes me yearn to plant, although that wont be possible for us just yet. Oh, this time of year I always get grand ideas about planting ;) then summer comes and it just gets so brutally hot. I dont want a good herb garden there. I miss fresh basil!
   Hope you and yours are doing well today!~


  1. I love your new garden painting as shown on your Instagram! So fun and colorful and full of life on the prairie feel. March has been full of cold days for us here in Florida as well. Tonight it is back to the upper 30s! Really? I have been holding off on planting a spring garden till April when the sudden cold drops are less likely. This year winter has been very unusual for us as well as others . Maybe we won't scorch again this summer? I am not hopeful on that wish!

  2. It is soooo cold here in the UK right now, we're supposed to be having snow again tomorrow....eeek!!

    I would love to get out in the garden again but no chance of that yet for us I'm afraid!!

  3. That top shot looks like spring :D We're waiting on heavy snow overnight and tomorrow here.

  4. Oh, is that a wabbit I spot x x x x

  5. oh my goodness, the bunny picture! how adorable and huggable they are! :)
    your post made me long for spring even more and guess what, the GB has just been hit with some heavy snowfalls (see my new blog note) - this is some kind of joke. I was hoping for a warm spring weather this weekend!

    ps. my Easter card is on its way to you. hope it will arrive by Easter :)

  6. we had snow yesterday and more in the forecast!
    i can't wait to start planting our garden :)
    have a super weekend~~

  7. Such lovely photos! It's still too cold here for us to plant, as well. Although we do have our seeds (including some from Baker's Creek). I am ready for a bit of warmer weather. :)


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