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New Prints in the shop!

Hi Friends--
   Just a quick note! I've got new prints in the shop, including Picking Dinner and Bedtime Stories! They look so good, and so bright and perfect for Spring and Summer! I decided to have these prints (and some others like St. Lucia and Madonna of the Blossoms) printed on linen paper and they look fantastic! The linen texture gives the prints a bit of a textured canvas style look, which is beautiful. Can't wait for you to see them!

  Come on over to the etsy shop and have your pick!~


  1. Beautiful!!! I really like "Picking Dinner," hopefully in a month we will be harvesting lettuce for our family! ♥

  2. Thanks, Martha! Lettuce is such a good crop, I've got lettuce in my little garden that has just come back on its own!

  3. I like your pictures! Each one of them is so unique and beautiful!!

  4. Ooh...I love "Picking Dinner"...as soon as we are settled and out of this hotel I will got to your etsy shop! We need to get our greens planted ASAP :) I read on Alyson's page you are buying an old house! How exciting! Your art always makes my day! Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift! happy spring

    1. Thanks so much Megan, and good luck on your coming move too! :D I am also dying to get my garden going in our new house. SO glad to have you come by for a visit!

  5. They are really fabulous! All the little details really make these special!


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