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Bird watching

    The other day we innocently hung a bird feeder on a shepherd's hook underneath the old Cedar tree just outside our dining room windows. We had no idea that this would become the hottest spot in town for a variety of finches, chickadees, sparrows, and a few majestic cardinals. The feeder is usually packed and gets drained in a day. it's impressive! The birds have even starting taking their dust baths under the tree when they get their fill of seeds. Obviously, I'm going to have to buy a new bag of bird seed soon. I've seen too much Hitchcock and am nervous of them deciding to revolt ;)

   I got some photos of them yesterday, and I think I managed to catch the little finch with the red head and breast. I'll have to look him up, not sure what sort of finch he is, but he sure is pretty. And I love the cardinals. Funny, living in town has brought more nature into our yard then when we lived in the other place. So many old trees brings the squirrels and birds, and at night we've seen bats flitting in the twilight.

  It's been hot but not as terrible as last summer. This time last year I was probably already moaning about hating summer, wasn't I? It was a tough season.

   But we're keeping busy here, still endless organizing and stuff to find places for, but I'm admiring the flowers that are blooming and working on a couple of fun projects right now, and still thinking of fall art. Can't wait for my favorite season to arrive!~

   Well, hope you're having a nice weekend and all is well~


  1. Lovely photos of the flowers and birds in your yard. We have several feeders and so enjoy all the the regulars and the winter migratory birds. They sure can drain the seeds down in a hurry some days too! I am happy to hear that your summer is tolerable this year. We have sunk into the oppressive 90 degree heat and humidity routine. Everyday is the same. We are at least getting lots of rain which is good for Florida! But, is it October yet???

  2. Watching birds at the feeder is a favorite at our house !
    It is one of the simple pleasures in life. ;)
    The pictures of your flowers are lovely.

  3. I'm so hopelessly behind with everyone's blogs, but how lovely to find you all settled into your new home. And enjoying watching those cute birds :)

  4. Ah bats! I love them in spooky Halloween art but I think one has been attacking my window at night. I'll hear this thumping at the glass at 1:00 in the morning, but there's too much of a glare to see, and I don't dare open the window!

  5. Lovely photos to look at and the idea with the feed is great too. Enjoy your bird watching. I envy you seeing cardinals - would love to see one over here in Britain.

  6. One of my favorite things to do is watch the birdies at the feeder. :) I love seeing all the different varieties. We have a guide to birds of Connecticut, which has been rather helpful in identifying some of the sweeties we've seen in the yard and on our nature walks.


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