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  It's a hot and swampy day out today, steaming and wet thanks to last night's rain. We went to the Ozark Mountains over the weekend, and it was cool and crisp in the mornings-- in the 60s. I wish it was like that always-- but not out here in the flatter lands. We're set to steam and bake until Autumn blows in. At least things are still green, which is a miracle around here when its nearly August.

  Of course you know me--- already thinking of Autumn art and dreaming of cooler days and richer colors. I've got a new witchy painting on the table and a commission as well. The office/art room is a stuffed mess, but it's manageable. I can still find the cat in it.

  As for inspiration, the other day my husband brought home several tiny little tin type portraits from someone he worked with-- she found them in her mother's home after her death and had no idea where they came from. They're small-- about 2"x1.5", but the borders all seem to be very similar and there are men, women, and groupings of people. What could they be from? Samples from a photographer's studio? Photos from some sort of organization? So far, they're keeping mum on the whole situation.

  Well, back to that mountain of laundry that always happens after a trip. Hoping to treat myself to some painting though, very very soon!~


  1. I'm so intrigued by your witch portrait! Can't wait to see what it turns out to be! Those tin-types are so cool!

  2. That tintype on the bottom toward the right could be O'Brien's double. I love the studio photos - so gloriously chaotic!

  3. Wow, those tin types! What treasure you have there Heather :)

  4. hellos sweet you! happy you found the cat and that lovely photographs!!! what a mystery. maybe you can make a story out of them. I love that kind of old photograph mysteries..always have..even as a child I always looked in my grandmothers photoalbum, very excited over these very fare gone persons..

    here it´s summer still..happily enjoying gardening .
    not much time in translating though

    love Lycke

  5. oh boy! i can't wait to see that witchy painting! my garden witch might need company! haha! I have a few old tin types that belonged to my grandfather, but i have no idea who they are. i'm sure they are relatives somehow, but no one is left that i could ask. it always makes me sad to see old photos that have lost their families - but happy that someone appreciates them.

  6. Yes fall!!! Please come soon.... Those colors are my favorite :)
    Love those photos, the pink is so unusual. I'm sure you're find much inspiration :)

  7. Nice that your husband gave you the pictures. In a way they have been rescued and you can now give them new life via inspiration in your lovely paintings.

  8. I spy a very cool painting in the makes. I am thankful that the super hot humid weather has broken here. Happy to have cooler nights and less frizzy hair issues! Those tin type photos are interesting. Wonder what their stories could be...

  9. It just feels good to be busy crafting :) you've got a nice collection of paints! The vintage photographs look lovely!


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