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Book: Scandinavian Cooking for Pleasure

       Every time we go to the library, I can't help but scan the 'for sale' shelves, which are full of old books donated to the library to sell for profit. Hardcover books go for a whole dollar, and I've brought home some gems--- like this book, "Scandinavian Cooking For Pleasure."
   This book was published in 1970 and was written for a British audience (the preface goes into how different 'Scandinavian mealtime' and "British mealtime' is--- ironically Scandinavian mealtimes are very much like American mealtimes--- although I could always go for tea!
   The photos are awesomely vintage in that special late 60s/70s vibe, and for someone not used to much sea food, some of the dishes seem very exotic and strange (are those fish in the jell-o mold?)
   I thought you might enjoy a peek at this treasure trove of Scandinavian cuisine....

Danish chervil soup and pancakes

Poached cod. This land-locked Okie has no idea how you'd go about digging into a whole fish with scales and eyeballs and all. Perhaps I'll learn in New England ;) 

Swedish cream waffles. I LOVE the shape of these!! And of course, the dala horse!

A Danish Christmas Eve dinner table. I swoon over the adorableness! The candles, the flags, the foods...perfection! 

A Danish birthday pretzle and a selection of Danish pastries. Ok, now I'm starving. I admit, I bought this book specifically for this section ;)

Now who wants fika?! I do, I do! :)

*Scandinavian Cooking for Pleasure was written by Jytte Hardisty, you can find a used copy via Amazon HERE


  1. That looks like a fabulous cookbook.

  2. In just a few weeks, I am going to get the opportunity to try the Norwegian cuisine first hand, which is quite exciting!! However, I already know from other people telling me that there will be lots of fish in sauces at meals. Herring is what I was told. Herring? I think it only lives in cold water so , of course, we don't have it here in the South. Fish is sauces?? Hmmmm, I think I am going to be eating the Norwegian version of Swedish waffles and Danish pretzels!! LOL!

  3. FUN FUN FUN! oh those wacky swedes and their fish jello......

  4. I wouldn't make it being Scandinavian....I mostly hate fish!

  5. dear dear Heather!!! I´m so happy for you and your family. what wonderful news and I really hope everything is lovely today. this Sunday in August. just woke up here..sleeping in a bit:) have not write at my blog for a while as a lot going on all the time. but now I climbed over the step again.
    love the cookbook too and as always I am happy you like all things scandinavian. it´s so special reading and looking at everything you are showing here..like from a different point of wiew than one see it everyday you know ..(smiles)

    and hugs, Lycke

  6. Interesting stuff here. I always like to learn about the cuisine of different cultures. I LOVE fish, but I don't think I'd be happy digging in while those fishy eyes are staring back at me. :) Those pancakes look yummy, though!


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