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New England Bound!

   Boarding passes printed, and suitcase (mostly) packed. Trying not to gnaw off all my finger nails in anticipation of flying out to New England tomorrow!
   This will really be a trip of a life time for me--- One I will be sure to photograph of course! I hear there is already beautiful color out that way, and I cant wait to see it. We girls will be romping from New Hampshire to Massachusetts to Vermont to Maine. Right now, these all sound like fairytale places to me. This time tomorrow, they'll be real!

   I've decided to leave the shop open in my absence if you'd like to shop--- but please note that I wont return til October 5, so anything purchased between now and then will be mailed after that date. Thank you so much for your understanding!

   Well, off to finish preparations and hopefully get a good night's sleep. Lots of travelin' awaits me in the morning!

PS: I know I will be sharing some of my adventures via instagram, if you'd like to check in and see what we're up to!

Give Away Winner!~

Hi friends,
   Thanks so much for entering my post card giveaway! I appreciate it! And now....for our winner!!!.....

Thank you so much! :D Will be in touch shortly for your mailing address!~

   In other news, trying to get laundry done and get stuff put together and pantry stocked in anticipation of my trip. As if to spite me, it will be 90 degrees here the next couple of days! But HA! I travel to sweater weather!

   I'm looking forward to getting lots of inspiration for more paintings and have lots of fun things set up to get started on when I get back. Also-- imagine the knitting I can get done while on a plane? 

   Thanks for your visit and I will talk with you again!~

Birthday Indulgences

     How lovely for Mother Nature to cooperate and send beautiful crisp fall weather for my birthday? I'm in the art room now working on some things and the sky is blue and clear but there's a chilly breeze and the window is open. Windows open weather is a rare luxury here in Oklahoma. I take it when I can!

   So because a) its my birthday and b) because I'm pregnant and also, lets be honest, 3) because I just wanted to, I had birthday cake and coffee for breakfast. If I've never told you, I am just silly for Pumpkin Spice coffee in the (Target) Archer's Farms brand. I usually turn my nose up at flavored coffee but good grief, this stuff is good.

   The cake was German Chocolate, my favorite kind. Its sort of a miracle I've never just bought a can of the icing and sat and ate the whole thing. Because I totally could. My mama also gave me some pretty autumn flowers in a pumpkin. It's nice to feel like a whole day is yours to be special. I am 32 years old today. Born in the afternoon, of course, I just couldn't get around for a morning arrival.

  Of course its just no fun to celebrate alone, so I'm going to give you all a chance to get in on the festivities! I'm going to do a giveaway for a set of my new autumn post cards!! Just right for autumn greetings, don't you think? Since I'll be leaving at the end of the week, the giveaway time is pretty short-- I'll pick a winner Wednesday so I can hurry and get it in the mail before I head to "the land of all things epically autumn"-- New England! All you need to do is leave a comment here on this blog post! Tell me something lovely.

   Hope you have a wonderful day today-- pretty leaves and cool breezes. Welcome, autumn!~

Time to Paint

    After a morning of cleaning floors, I am now treating myself to some painting time. I like looking out the window as the birdies devour the dried sunflowers in the rock garden and there are two snoring pups under the table.
   Autumn is still taking its sweet time--- in the 90s today and tomorrow too. That's just not fair.

  Things are pretty quiet around here. Working on a last autumn painting and also a commission, and then, Im sure, it will be time...to think of Christmas art?! I'll have to seriously turn up the Bing Crosby if I'm going to forget its still steaming outside!

  We do have a new member in our extended family--- my brother brought home a white German Shepherd puppy and he's pretty sweet. He's so fluffy he feels like he's made out of quilt batting. He's having to learn that "we do not eat the cat or our bunnies." Better to learn it now while they can get their bluff in!

  Well, time to pull up to my desk and work away on things while the girl is at school.
Hope to have some pretties to share soon!~

Summer is Fading

   I think we're finally on the down hill slope from Summer, at least according to the garden. The only thing really flourishing now is the mums, despite the heat, and it's time for harvesting sunflowers and the last of those tomatoes that got so gangly and huge.

  Each morning I go out with the dogs and get my yard chores done before it gets too hot-- which is usually by 10 a.m.! The kitty is sleeping off his night time adventures in the flower urn and the birds are anxious for the feeder to be fed. 

  This morning as I lugged the water hose around I noticed yellow leaves slowly twirling down from the old walnut tree in the back. Fall is slowly creeping in, and I can't wait for that first chilly morning when you can just sense "it's autumn now" in the air.

  This is also my favorite time of year to paint, as autumn and winter are my favorite seasons. And they're just made for cuddling up, aren't they? And now that I have a little built in heater (baby boy!) this will be an extra cozy autumn.

   I'm also realizing that the New England trip is getting closer and closer day by day and it hardly seems real.

Good this are just around the bend!~
Til next time....

Little Boy Blue

Firstly--- thank you to all that came by and shopped and visited for the Autumn Gathering! It was so fun to share all my new autumn art with you! All the orders placed this weekend are all in the mail, so they should be reaching doorsteps near and far very soon! :D From Oklahoma to England and placed in between, not too shabby I think!

Aside from the colors of autumn, I've had blue on the brain, little boy blue of course! I finished up the cardigan I've been working on and I think it looks pretty good for no pattern and only a slight notion of what I was doing! ;) I dont know how to make button holes yet so I just sewed on a button and knitted up a little loop that I sewed to the other side and voila! Baby boy cardigan!

I've been looking at baby clothes and seeing them differently now through a lens of blue and not pink. I wish there were more vintage old fashioned style boy things out there, like there are for girls. If I could sew and had patience, I'd totally start up a 'Little English Urchin' boys clothes line ;) at least I can make dapper little knits, right?

For boy clothes and decor right now I'm really in love with nautical things (says the girl who's only been to the Gulf of Mexico and was unimpressed with its brownness) Boats and whales especially. I made this little list on etsy to remind myself of all the cute things on there that Little One might need. I would rather get him special things made by an actual artist or crafts person when I can, and the things on etsy are so much cuter than anything you'll find at the store! I'm especially loving this quilt and I think he needs it....

I'm at 22 weeks now and getting bigger by the day. I am one of those pregnant ladies who really look pregnant. Will never be one of those gals on the show about not knowing they were pregnant til they're having the baby. This all can't be from mexican food, can it? ;)

And its been so hot lately that I am just big and miserable and if you see me around town in my husband's soccer shorts just know--- I am round and desperate and hot. I swear, I have some cute things for fall in the closet with tags on them, I'm just waiting for it not to be 95 degrees!

And speaking of not 95 degrees....Im still dreaming up fall art and will soon be thinking of--- of course!-- Christmas! I will be offering Christmas postcards again, and I'll need some new designs! Oh, the thought of snow just makes me smile. I feel like I would just steam if some snow fell on me now.

Well, back to scheming and painting, til next time!~

An Autumn Gathering-- Shop Update and Blog Party!

  Hello and good morning my friends! It is now my favorite time of year-- Autumn! So glad its here...and so glad you're visiting today because I have tons of autumny treats for you! From art dolls and paintings to postcards and prints, the etsy shop is now bursting at the seams with artsy Audrey Eclectic treasures to make your autumn even more lovely! Here are some of the goodies I have in store for you--- Welcome to An Autumn Gathering!!!

  And to spread the autumn spirit, I am also hosting a blog party, and you're welcome to take part! If you've got an autumn inspired blog post you'd like to share--- specifically made for today or not, no worries-- please share the link and perhaps a pic in the widget below! Just fill out the info and you'll be instantly part of the party!~!

  As for me, I'm just so happy to have you here and hope you'll take some time to look at all the new pieces in the shop!

  This time of year is so special to me and almost magical, there is something in the air in autumn that just makes my heart sing. My birthday and our anniversary falls in autumn, and I cant wait to embark on the "autumn trip of my dreams" thanks to the generosity of a New England friend and the patience of a wonderful husband and helpful family. Thanks to all who are making it possible for me--- and I cant wait to show you all the things I find there!

  And now my friends, I will leave you to shop and think of autumny things--- what is your favorite part of the season? Is there a reason it is so special to you? I've found that in my life if I meet people who are just plain autumn people, we have so much in common. Its like finding an instant friend!~

  Wishing you warm cider on chilly days, spooky pumpkins and benevolent ghosties!~

Getting Ready...

  Oh, so you wanted to actually EAT at this 8 foot long table? Lol, well, let me scooch off some prints and postcards, this might take a bit ;)

   This is the point in getting ready for a show or online shop redo where I create a wreck in my house. Im not sure how to do this any other way! But Im getting things packaged, signed, listed, and at the ready to hit 'publish' on etsy come Saturday morning!

  The new prints and postcards are in and they turned out really well! Can't wait to share this Halloween fun with you!


Bubble, bubble toil and trouble: the witch dolls are done!

    I am so so happy to be able to show you these three ladies, although you may have seen the process by which they came to life via instagram! I'd like you to meet Mehitable Hauntingsworth, Phoebe Moonshine and Kitty Goodespell--- three little witches who are looking for homes to fly off to come September 7!

   The are cloth bodied dolls, hand painted, hand sewn (varying between machine stitched and hand stitched in different areas) their dresses and bodies are all coffee stained for a rich aged hue and delightful smell and their hair is raw sheep fibers from different little sheepies-- my favorite part because it makes the dolls so real.

   The hair is felted on with a felting needle, so there's no glue or sewing involved. Their little faces are all hand painted and crackled to make them look aged. I'm so pleased with how they turned out, from their hats all the way to their pointy black boots!

Kitty Goodespell 

Mehitable Hauntingsworth

Phoebe Moonshine

All three of these ladies will be available at the Autumn Gathering sale in my etsy shop this coming Saturday (Sept. 7) Im still working on things and have more to debut! There will also be some fresh fall prints available! It'll be a grand ol' time!~

Til next time-- Happy SEPTEMBER!!!