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Getting Ready...

  Oh, so you wanted to actually EAT at this 8 foot long table? Lol, well, let me scooch off some prints and postcards, this might take a bit ;)

   This is the point in getting ready for a show or online shop redo where I create a wreck in my house. Im not sure how to do this any other way! But Im getting things packaged, signed, listed, and at the ready to hit 'publish' on etsy come Saturday morning!

  The new prints and postcards are in and they turned out really well! Can't wait to share this Halloween fun with you!



  1. Gosh, everything looks so great!! What fun this is going to be on Saturday despite the blazing heat that just keeps hanging on. I love the palette of colors of the postcards and prints. So rich and spooky! Our big table is full of trip stuff so your home isn't the only place where tables are functioning for other purposes!!

  2. It may be a mess, but it's a beautiful mess! As always, everything looks gorgeous! Can't wait to snatch a witch because one WILL be mine. ;)


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