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Christmas Art: Hanging the Stockings

     Although it is only October according to the calendar, I know the Christmas season will soon be upon us and it will be Christmas Postcard pre-order time again! So since my return from my trip to New England, I have been dreaming up some new holiday art, and I am so thrilled with how this one turned out-- Hanging the Stockings.

    I loooove a good New England style fireplace, with the little nooks and crannies and shelves and ovens for baking right inside (if we ever built a house, I'd build a salt box with just that kind of fireplace in the kitchen!)
    And as you know, I love Tasha Tudor, and she was the queen of cozy fireside paintings, and so I think this piece is sort of an ode to her, New England, and all that is sweet and good about Christmas.

   I also have a love of red and white textiles, and so I couldn't resist wrapping up the baby in a beautiful red and white quilts. Quilts are difficult, I am not known for my exactness, and I am often in awe of the geometric skill that goes into quilt making. 
    And I dont know if you noticed--- but Papa is also in this family scene, bringing in the Christmas tree from the woods, perhaps to decorate while the children are sleeping so they can wake up surprised on Christmas morning.

  I think this will make a very sweet Christmas card, and that is my hope for it! I may try to squeeze in one more painting to offer for pre-ordering cards, and then set to work on that. My goal is to have the preorder start in early November so that they can get printed up and shipped to their proper places in time for holiday card exchanges.

   I love Christmas cards,and the beautiful art that often have. Im so excited I get to make them, and that people all over the country (and world!) choose to use some of my paintings to wish those they love a merry holiday season.

   Well, off I go to start the day--- hope you enjoy this little piece of holiday cheer!~


  1. A cozy New England Christmas scene you have given us! Getting us all in the spirit!

  2. It's lovely...I really love the quilt wrapped baby:)

  3. I love this painting! One of my favorite parts is "Papa" in the window bringing in the tree...

  4. Your happiness, as a mother and as an artist, shines through in this wonderful painting, Heather!

    And you are so very organsied too! I'm impressed.


  5. Really love this painting, Heather. It'll make a wonderful Christmas card!

  6. This is such a sweet painting with the family preparing for Christmas. I love the whole family scene and I agree with you that those antique fireplaces were amazing . I spent part of today touring Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. I vote YES for a Williamsburg/ colonial America Christmas painting!! I am so I love with all things colonial . A few years back my husbanding I spent a few days at Williamsburg the week after Christmas and it is so beautiful with the greenery and fruit decorations . It is magical!

  7. it's so cold here today-below freezing so far(!) that it feels like christmas is just around the corner!
    what a sweet painting-it'll make a great card : )

  8. This is sweet and lovely! We have already had snow here so I'm struggling to feel Halloweeny! Especially when Home Goods is playing Christmas music!


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