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Published! Prims Magazine

    There are few things as sweet as spying a magazine in the ocean of publications at a book store, picking it up, flipping through and finding YOUR creations inside! This lovely experience happened to me just yesterday with the latest issue of Prims! And I was equally delighted to find my name on the cover and photo of my St. Lucia in the table of contents!
   I am so thrilled about the whole thing--- it seems ages ago since I made the dolls and wrote the articles, and they are now home with me. But its so sweet to be able to be in such a beautiful magazine and share what I love to do! 
   Here's a peek:

   A great big thank you to the people at Prims, especially editor Jennifer Jackson, for being so sweet about my work and featuring me in this beautiful magazine! It's such a pleasure to be included! Thank you, thank you!~



  1. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! Enjoy your success!

  2. Congratulations! I am in love with the pieces that were included!

  3. Congratulations to you! You must be very proud and happy. Wonderful to seee your wonderful work on paper. So sorry this magazines are not in Germany available.!

  4. Hugest well done Heather! I LOVE your dolls, you are such a talented maker :)

  5. Wow,congratulations!
    I'm always thrilled when i recognize an artist from these magazines, I can't imagine how fun it must be for you!!
    : )

  6. A BIG congratulations!! What a tribute to your art!! I love your St. Lucia Doll and so pleased that I am the owner of a Santa Claus ornament doll. Your eye for details and your incredible folk art take on a subject is so very rich and creative. This is a wonderful testimony to all of your hard work!!

  7. Well done! Looks like a great article and I look forward to picking up the magazine and reading it. A very well deserved honor! ~Roberta

  8. So happy for you! Congratulations. I can't wait to get a copy of it and see your article. And I love that St Lucia doll- so beautiful!!

  9. ok when you are the premierest doll craft maker in America, don't forget me, 'kay? i want one of your awesome dolls.

  10. Oh I love the little Lucia doll..so sweet!! Nice to see you again..been more on facebook..are we freinds there? Like blogs better though

  11. SO happy for you Heather. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    hugs, doreen


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