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Tasha Tuesday: Homespun Spooky New England

        Last night Audrey and I were cuddled up reading some stories and we got out Tasha Tudor's "A Time to Keep" about old timey celebrations of all the holidays and special days around the year. Of course our favorite section had to do with October and, of course, Halloween!

   Making cider, carving 'pumpkin moonshines', bobbing for apples, going to Halloween parties and getting scared on a foggy autumn night all make it as highlights to October in Tasha's sweet little book. It was also sweet to have my own little one read the pages to me, as her reading gets better every day. I know she'll be reading tons of Tasha books and many others to her little brother when he arrives this winter....

    What's your favorite old-timey Halloween activity? Will you be indulging in some apple cider or attending a spooky party come Halloween night?
    Whatever you do, hope you have a wonderful time! The night of fun and spookiness grows nearer!~!
   More New England spookiness to come....


  1. Tasha Tudor has the sweetest Halloween book! I love how it's still a tiny bit spooky but so cozy and lovely at the same time. Unfortunately on Thursday night I have class! I know, such a witchy Halloween... shucks.

  2. What a delightful book! It certainly conjures up memories of bobbing for apples, treat-or-treating, and pumpkin carving when I was a wee thing. Such fun indeed!!!
    Wishing you a delightful All Hallows' Eve ...

  3. I love this book! Have a great time!

  4. I always enjoyed reading Halloween stories with my sons when they were little--I would have loved this book! ~Roberta

  5. Love your Tasha Tuesdays! So interesting:)

  6. We had this same Tasha book when my girls were small and I was so drawn to her Halloween celebrations. It seemed the perfect way to celebrate the bounty and the spookiness together! We just got home from vacation and I plan to carve a face in my pumpkin for tomorrow and find the old vintage paper decorations from my youth that I always decorate the porch with! You just have to have a bit of spookiness for all of the little fairies and goblins that will be coming out tomorrow night.

    And the goblins are gonna get'cha if you don't watch out!! Hehehehe!

  7. Love that! So sweet. Will be so sweet to see Audrey reading to your babe too.

  8. YES YES YES. love this book SO much! for me, it's all about the cider and cake doughnuts with NO GLAZE. (I love glazed, but for Halloween and cider, it's gotta be plain cake doughnuts. pumpkin flavored is ok too) :)


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