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A Christmas Gathering--- now live!

"A Christmas Gathering" is now active in my etsy shop! All new Christmas and winter items are now available in the shop, including new original paintings, prints and postcards! Enjoy! :D

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Tasha Tuesday: Tasha Tudor's Dollhouse

      The other day I got a special package in the mail--- it was a used library copy of Tasha Tudor's Dollhouse! I think this may be the last book about Tasha that I didnt have, so now I think my collection is complete!
   This book focuses on Tasha's massive dollhouse which was more than what we 'regular folk' think of when it comes to dollhouses--- hers was a huge doll haven created for traditional sized dolls, and home to her creations Captain Thadeaus Crane and Emma Birdwhistle.

    When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by dollhouses. There was a craft store in town that sold dollhouse assembly kits, and they'd display the assembled homes on the top of the aisle. It mesmerized me, and I admit, I still stop and look at them when I go in. I can't help it--- there is magic about a dollhouse!

   Tasha's dollhouse, of course, was so outrageously gorgeous that it garnered its own exhibit in Williamsburg, Va. and then inspired a book! Not only was it a home for dolls and a way to play-- it was a one of a kind collection of art and artifacts collected for decades from local artisans and Tasha herself.

    The rooms, when photographed, are amazingly real. It feels like you're looking at an actual home--- with all the textiles and furniture and minute detail that is not to be believed.

    The fantasy of Tasha's doll world is mesmerizing. And when you think of the time and attention required to create it, it is impossible to not think of it as an amazing piece of art. I so wish I'd been able to see the large exhibit about the dollhouse--- and Tasha herself--- when it took place in Williamsburg a few years back. And now that I've explored a bit of New England, I think my future 'colonial dream trip' wish would be to see the southern side of things--- in Williamsburg. 

    Hope you enjoyed a peek at this book--- and also hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! After that, the Christmas season will officially be upon us, and we can talk all things Tasha Tudor Christmas. My favorite!~

Happy Tasha Tuesday--

Back from The Glitter Market!~

 Hey there, friends!~
    I am back from The Glitter Market, and I made some new friends and shared some new art (and bought stuff too, couldn't help it!)

   It's been a little quiet around here at this little blog as I worked to get new holiday items ready--- new prints, new postcards, new dolls and ornaments! But I got everything I needed to get finished finished in time to get down to OKC on Saturday morning to take part in The Glitter Market, hosted by The Paper Crown.

   The market consisted of a small group of super talented ladies and their beautiful creations--- I felt so lucky to have been asked to be included! There were so many beautiful things--- from jewelry to knitwear to journals to pillows to artwork to decorations--- all of it so festive and lovely!

   My little booth was super Christmasy! You know me, I love the red....red is a neutral to me, basically. What doesn't go with red? And if it doesn't, it's not worth having, right? ;)

   A big thanks to all you brave souls and came out in the chilly temps--- some even camped outside the door waiting for us to open! Hope you see you all next year, and I'll probably have a little tiny somebody with me too!~

   In other news--- the pre-ordered postcards have arrived!!! And I've been busy packaging them and getting them all ready to send out to you in all corners of creation! The cards came out really well, and I'm going to make up some small sets to offer in the etsy store--- look for them on Friday when I do my big "Christmas Gathering" etsy shop update!

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you're all safe and warm and cuddled up on this blustery night!~

PS: For more Glitter Market pics, check out my instagram feed on the sidebar!

Orchard House

        On my first full day in New England, Alyson and Emily and I headed down to Concord, Mass. to visit the site of our childhood reading dreams--- Orchard House! The home of author Louisa May Alcott, it is said to be the inspiration for the home in Little Women, and you can almost see the March girls frolicking about the lawn and the woods beyond, it is such a lovely and beautiful place--- forever held in time to Louisa's world-- or Jo's world, if you prefer.

   We arrived on a Sunday morning and found the museum didn't open until one, but that worked out well, since we were able to wander the grounds in private before all the tourists arrived. The gardens are a lovely bramble, and although the modern world speeds by on the two lane road in front of the home, its easy to get wrapped up in the cozy quietness of the home and its yard. And it feels so familiar to those who loved the book Little Women. And it's an almost reverent feeling to know that you are on Louisa's turf--- where she thought up grand stories, where her sister May (the inspiration for Amy) painted and drew beautiful artwork, and where Marmee kept the home fires burning.

   There was no photography in the home, so all I have are outside shots, but we took the house tour and it was so lovely to be able to see so many things special to the Alcotts. There is also a nice gift shop where you can purchase all things Little Women, and where I bought a fascinating book called Marmee and Louisa that I've been reading since I got back.

   From promos I saw while I was there, it sounds like Orchard House will be hosting a wonderful Christmas program on weekends in December, so if you're lucky enough to live in the area, you should check it out! This place is such a treasure, and also just down the road from the Minutemen Museum and walk the beautiful path that traces Paul Revere's ride in from Boston to warn colonists of the coming British. 

   The whole area is just gorgeous and I hope some day to see it again with my family with me. There are so many treasures like this in New England. If you happen to live in this area, you are so lucky. History awaits at every turn.

   For more information on Orchard House, they have a great website that you can visit for more info. The Minutemen Museum and park also has a website--- together they make for a wonderful day!~

Til  next time....

November Events

    Hi my friends,
             Just wanted to pop in really quick and let you know about some upcoming events for November! I have been invited to take part in a sweet little show in Oklahoma City called "Glitter Market" which is hosted by The Paper Crown. This is supposed to be a really neat event, and Im excited to take part!
     The Glitter Market will be next Saturday on November 23rd. I'll have some new prints available, as well as new Christmas ornaments (working on those now!)

   And I'll also have lots of new things to share, including the debut of winter original paintings and postcards at my online show "A Christmas Gathering" that everyone near and far can participate in--- I'll be listing tons of new items in my etsy shop on Friday November 29. Who needs Black Friday madness when you can shop etsy in your PJs?

  These events are just the start of my Christmas show season--- on Dec. 7 I'll be in Fayetteville AR. for The Little Craft Show, and on Dec. 13 &14 I'll be in Tulsa at Indie Emporium. See my top left sidebar for more info.
    I'm excited to see everyone at these events! And love it when people make Audrey Eclectic part of their holiday celebrations.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and talk with you more soon---

Folk Art: Little Women

    I have a new painting to share with you! One that I've had tucked in my head for ages now, but this fall when I visited Orchard House, I really knew I needed to paint some scenes from Little Women. This is what I came up with!~
    The always iconic "reading Papa's letter" scene with marmee and the girls gathered around the evening hearth-- that was the first scene I just couldnt get out of my head, and I hope to make more!
   I thought it was also perfect since the book opens at Christmastime-- and I have ordered some prints of this piece that should be finished in time for The Christmas Gathering!

    It seems like so many book lovers have a relationship with Little Women-- especially those 'little girls grown up" type readers (of which I am one!). I think I was in about the 8th grade when I tackled the hefty tome-- although the book I had was technically a combination of books one and two that Louisa May Alcott wrote about the March family. I also loved the 1990s movie with Winona Ryder in it--- so beautifully done and I loved the costuming! Also loved Christian Bale and am still grieving a little that Jo and Laurie didn't get together in the end (he marries her sister!?! Ok, now that is just a little much! But still....)

   Walking through Louisa's home a few weeks ago, the story again came alive for me, and it was so touching to be in that space--- where her imagination came alive with characters and drama, and where her sister May's drawings still grace the walls and trim all over the bedrooms. They died so long ago, yet they are still so present in Orchard House. I will do a post totally devoted to that portion of the trip very soon--- it was so lovely!

  Til then, I hope you enjoy this painting! I tried to get all the girls' personalities to shine through, and get their features as close as Louisa wrote. 
   Enjoy and come back soon!~

Tasha Tuesday: Autumn Candles

   It's a cold and frosty morning here in Oklahoma, probably our chilliest yet of the autumn. It's the kind of morning where you want lots of hot coffee and pumpkin bread slathered in homemade jam. And pretty books to look at, of course, as you ponder the start of the day.

      I was leafing through Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts and stopped to sigh over the candle making. It's something I've always wanted to do, and seems like the perfect project for a crisp autumn day. And when you're done, you have dozens of sweet smelling little tapers to give you a beautiful glow through months of dark winter evenings.
    I made homemade candles once as kid. It was at Campfire Girls Camp. Sort of like Girl Scouts. We'd romp through the woods during the day and once we put on a play (I was an owl) and we did campy crafts--- like candle making, before we went home for the night.
   I remember mine were pink and terribly lumpy. They looked nothing like Tasha's, that's for sure. But I was so proud of them and gave them to my mom. 

  I always think I'd like to do things like candle making, but they never come to be. I think its because it's something that takes such planning. You have to gather your supplies. You have to build your fire, prepare your wicks. It's so different a mindset, these old fashioned crafts, than what we're used to today. We're so used to 'do it now, this moment' and instant gratification. 
   Tasha was the queen of taking it slow and enjoying the moment, wasn't she? I'm going to have to remember this. Perhaps next fall I'll get to do some candle making. I'll have to make a plan!

Wishing you a happy Tasha Tuesday....

A quick note---- The Christmas Postcard Pre-Order ends after tomorrow (Wednesday) so please let me know if you'd like to place an order!~

And also don't forget.....

A Christmas Gathering

Hi Friends~
     I wanted to invite you to something a little something special in my etsy shop to get us all in the holiday spirit! I'm going to be hosting "A Christmas Gathering" the day after Thanksgiving (Nov 29) in my etsy shop, where I debut all the Christmas art I've been working on, new prints, and other new goodies just in time for the holidays.

   I wanted to take this time too to thank you all for buying Audrey Eclectic this year, and over the years. It mean so much to me to be able to do the thing I love absolutely best in the world and share it with others and have them enjoy it as well.

   Not only is it satisfying to be able to paint, but to also be able to own my business and sell locally-- and all over the world! And if you're shopping this holiday season to support local artists and economy, I am very proud to let you know that all of my prints, postcards, even my paints and the wooden materials I paint on, are all made in America. I think that's really important--- to use my business to in turn support other local and regional businesses as well. And when you buy Audrey Eclectic items, you are supporting that concept-- so thank you!~

   And now, well, I better get to work, huh? Perhaps someday we can have a real in-person gathering where we come together over hot cider and coffee and giggle about folk art and how much we all love Swedish Christmas and Jane Austen and all that fun stuff. But til then, I will be happy to meet you at the etsy shop-- and feel free to shop in your jammies!~

Til next time,

Quiet November

    We are now tucking ourselves into the quietness of November. I am glad for it. It's a gray, blustery day outside, and I like to peek through the curtains and see the bright autumn leaves blow down the sidewalk and into the yard, but stay snuggled up in my house.
    In talking with a friend recently, we decided that November is the restful time between the bright autumn hub bub of Halloween and the jingle bell rush of Christmas. November is slow and deep. I can appreciate that. It is the beginning of nesting time.

   In these next few weeks I'll be painting and gathering for Christmas offerings and holiday craft shows. Can you believe my only two craft shows are all next months and I'll be 9 months pregnant? How's that for planning? ;) Hopefully Little One will stay put though and remain easy going.

   Speaking of Little One--- well, Robbie, as you may have read--- at my last dr. appointment we learned that he may not be that little. It appears I'm growing a bit of a chunk, he may be edging on 9 pounds when he finally arrives. Ooooh, goodness!

   I'm also loving all the sweet little gifts that friends and family have been gathering for him. I'm rather partial to nautical things for baby boys, and I was given these cute little onesies (and the pillow!) recently by different friends. I realized too that his initials, RMS, are also a British ship prefix, how fitting is that? He'll be my jolly big sailor ;)

    Aside from preparing for baby....I've been knitting like a fiend, doing some reading, cuddling with girls and pups, and getting the Halloween decor taken down and more cozy autumn things placed around the house. I am a bit anxious for Christmas--- I'm painting holiday scenes so I've been playing a lot of Christmas music lately!--- but I know once December and Advent comes, it will be a fast ride through the holidays and then, oh my, final countdown to baby. And although I am anxious to be heartburn free and able to sleep on my stomach again, I know that this nesting time is important and I'm going to enjoy it. I will especially enjoy these last weeks of getting to sleep through the night!

   And so. I hope you are enjoying a quiet November. What is your favorite thing about this month? What slow sweet autumnal treats have you been indulging in? Try and find something nice and quiet to enjoy today, if you can. I insist!~


Woodland Madonna & Child

   It is a gray, rainy November day here, and I've just put the finishing touches on this pretty little painting--- which I think turned out so pretty! It's called "Woodland Madonna and Child" and is my sort of rustic, homespun rendition of Mary and the Christ child. For this winter I think I am loving the look red and white quilts--- the ultimate in comfy coziness! I thought it would be sweet and unexpected to add one in this piece-- as well as cardinals, my favorite winter bird.

   I've decided to also offer this image as a choice for my Christmas Postcard Pre-Order! Same pricing and quantities apply, just go to THIS PAGE for more info, and email me your order request and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.

   I hope you love the painting.....Its so strange that Christmas should so soon be on the horizon, but I'm looking forward to it!~

Christmas Postcard Pre-Order

EDIT: I will also be offering this new painting, "Woodland Madonna and Child" as a Christmas post card as well!!

 Well friends, can you believe it? It's time once again to think about Christmas Post Card Pre-Order! I am so pleased to be offering a mix of new and old favorite designs that you can use to spread holiday merriment this coming Christmas season!
   I will be offering this holiday pre-order through Nov. 13 and you can order packets of cards in groups of 10, 25, 50 and 100. The way the preorder works is very simple--- just email me with the name of the design you prefer and the quantity of cards you would like and I will send you a paypal invoice for the amount. At this time all preorders must be done with paypal. 
   All the postcards are printed on a beautiful sturdy cardstock with glossy fronts and rounded corners. They will also come with plain white envelopes so you can send the postcards like traditional Christmas cards. They also measure 4x6" which is a good size for framing.
   I am also happy to report that all my cards-- and prints--- are printed within the US.

The names of the card designs from left are:
Candlelight Prayers
St. Lucia
Madonna and Child in Blue

bottom: Hanging the Christmas Stockings

Woodland Madonna and Child

All postcard backs will look like this:

Postcard Pricing:

10 cards: $15

25 cards: $22

50 cards: $32

100 cards: $40

Shipping: $5