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Back from The Glitter Market!~

 Hey there, friends!~
    I am back from The Glitter Market, and I made some new friends and shared some new art (and bought stuff too, couldn't help it!)

   It's been a little quiet around here at this little blog as I worked to get new holiday items ready--- new prints, new postcards, new dolls and ornaments! But I got everything I needed to get finished finished in time to get down to OKC on Saturday morning to take part in The Glitter Market, hosted by The Paper Crown.

   The market consisted of a small group of super talented ladies and their beautiful creations--- I felt so lucky to have been asked to be included! There were so many beautiful things--- from jewelry to knitwear to journals to pillows to artwork to decorations--- all of it so festive and lovely!

   My little booth was super Christmasy! You know me, I love the red....red is a neutral to me, basically. What doesn't go with red? And if it doesn't, it's not worth having, right? ;)

   A big thanks to all you brave souls and came out in the chilly temps--- some even camped outside the door waiting for us to open! Hope you see you all next year, and I'll probably have a little tiny somebody with me too!~

   In other news--- the pre-ordered postcards have arrived!!! And I've been busy packaging them and getting them all ready to send out to you in all corners of creation! The cards came out really well, and I'm going to make up some small sets to offer in the etsy store--- look for them on Friday when I do my big "Christmas Gathering" etsy shop update!

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you're all safe and warm and cuddled up on this blustery night!~

PS: For more Glitter Market pics, check out my instagram feed on the sidebar!


  1. Your booth looks fabulous as always, and so do you! This looks like such a fun show.

  2. Ah I'm so glad to hear the Glitter Market went well! Your booth looks so gorgeous, how I'd love to see some of your art at our local craft sales!

  3. sounds like a fun show... your booth looks great!
    i love red too, this time of year especially : )

  4. I wish I could have been there in person!! Your booth looks beautiful with the Christmas quilt too. And you you are so right, if it doesn't go with red, it must not be worth having!!!! Looking forward to the Christmas Gathering!

  5. I love your booth! If I lived closer I'd come one of your fairs. Myself, I'm not such a fan of red, but it looks great on you! :-)


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