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Quiet November

    We are now tucking ourselves into the quietness of November. I am glad for it. It's a gray, blustery day outside, and I like to peek through the curtains and see the bright autumn leaves blow down the sidewalk and into the yard, but stay snuggled up in my house.
    In talking with a friend recently, we decided that November is the restful time between the bright autumn hub bub of Halloween and the jingle bell rush of Christmas. November is slow and deep. I can appreciate that. It is the beginning of nesting time.

   In these next few weeks I'll be painting and gathering for Christmas offerings and holiday craft shows. Can you believe my only two craft shows are all next months and I'll be 9 months pregnant? How's that for planning? ;) Hopefully Little One will stay put though and remain easy going.

   Speaking of Little One--- well, Robbie, as you may have read--- at my last dr. appointment we learned that he may not be that little. It appears I'm growing a bit of a chunk, he may be edging on 9 pounds when he finally arrives. Ooooh, goodness!

   I'm also loving all the sweet little gifts that friends and family have been gathering for him. I'm rather partial to nautical things for baby boys, and I was given these cute little onesies (and the pillow!) recently by different friends. I realized too that his initials, RMS, are also a British ship prefix, how fitting is that? He'll be my jolly big sailor ;)

    Aside from preparing for baby....I've been knitting like a fiend, doing some reading, cuddling with girls and pups, and getting the Halloween decor taken down and more cozy autumn things placed around the house. I am a bit anxious for Christmas--- I'm painting holiday scenes so I've been playing a lot of Christmas music lately!--- but I know once December and Advent comes, it will be a fast ride through the holidays and then, oh my, final countdown to baby. And although I am anxious to be heartburn free and able to sleep on my stomach again, I know that this nesting time is important and I'm going to enjoy it. I will especially enjoy these last weeks of getting to sleep through the night!

   And so. I hope you are enjoying a quiet November. What is your favorite thing about this month? What slow sweet autumnal treats have you been indulging in? Try and find something nice and quiet to enjoy today, if you can. I insist!~



  1. love of all this! I too am greatly, for the first time, enjoying November. You can just BE, without all the holiday hubbub. Just ordered the Dala Horse postcards to use as my Christmas cards this yr, so excited! Thanks for being so awesome and talented 'n stuff. :)

  2. Lovely pictures:)

    p.s. my first son was 8lbs 14 oz...quite an armful and very sturdy. He started walking extra early too.

  3. I agree 100% with you about November! It feels so free and unrushed to me too. Plus, Florida is finally getting a tiny taste of cooler weather and it feels so good to be wearing long sleeves and enjoying the windows being open. What have I been doing lately? A bit more of knitting and reading outside on the porch. What a luxury to be retired and be able to enjoy the cooler days with a project of my choosing. I think we are going to have a much quieter Christmas this year and I for one am ready to celebrate it in a different way. Since the trip to Monticello, I have been on a kick to do just a simple colonial approach to decorating this year. With my Williamsburg cookbook and some books, I am looking forward to a different effort. Enjoy your quiet nesting days. It looks like you have some wonderful yarn to work up and enjoy!

  4. I like these days before Thanksgiving. I think they are just for what you have mentioned - preparing for the busier weeks ahead!

    Enjoy - and take care!

  5. Awe Heather!!! The baby things are precious!!! 9lbs...goodness :).

    I too absolutely love this settling in, nesting time of year. Enjoy each and every day my sweet friend. hugs to you and yours.

  6. You inspire me Heather to think better of the month of november. A little something is on its way to you in the post very soon. :)

  7. Nine pounds. Wow. Blessings to you Heather and that new baby on the way. I know you are working on your art, please take time to rest too.

  8. To me November is Christmas :) and you are making it seem every so much more true with all your cozy knitting and beautiful art!

  9. Heather,
    Are you on Ravelry?


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