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Woodland Madonna & Child

   It is a gray, rainy November day here, and I've just put the finishing touches on this pretty little painting--- which I think turned out so pretty! It's called "Woodland Madonna and Child" and is my sort of rustic, homespun rendition of Mary and the Christ child. For this winter I think I am loving the look red and white quilts--- the ultimate in comfy coziness! I thought it would be sweet and unexpected to add one in this piece-- as well as cardinals, my favorite winter bird.

   I've decided to also offer this image as a choice for my Christmas Postcard Pre-Order! Same pricing and quantities apply, just go to THIS PAGE for more info, and email me your order request and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.

   I hope you love the painting.....Its so strange that Christmas should so soon be on the horizon, but I'm looking forward to it!~


  1. I love this beautiful painting with the red birds and quilt! So sweet and a wonderful way to bring the madonna and child closer to us today in the world we all recognize and share. We too wrap our babies in carefully crafted quilts and enjoy beautiful cardinals sitting among the evergreens in our yards. Beautiful! Will you be offering prints as well as postcards?

    1. yes, there will definitely be prints too! :)

  2. This painting so beautiful! I love it.

  3. So lovely, Heather! You have an amazing talent!

  4. I love this painting! I love all your paintings! Hope you are having a sunnier day today!


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