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Tasha Tuesday: The Night Before Christmas

      Hey, friends! It's Tuesday again and you know what that means....it's Tasha Tuesday!
This Tuesday we have a special treat, my friend Melissa from Julia's Book Bag has done a fun review of Tasha's "The Night Before Christmas" for our Tuesday reading pleasure :)
    Come visit Melissa HERE at her site, and enjoy!
    Twas the night before Christmas.....


  1. thanks for letting me participate in your Tasha Tudor Tuesday, Miss Heather! So much fun! still totally jealous of your amazing Tasha advent calendar.....:)

  2. Nothing says Christmas like Tasha. :) I have this version and love it so much - Tasha's illustrations are perfected suited for the holiday classic. Thanks for sharing the link to the review!

  3. Got to be the most beautiful version of this story!

  4. Thank-you for sharing! I did not know that Tasha illustrated the poem. It is so perfect and I love how Tasha created Santa as a smaller elf.

  5. perfect version of this story with her illustrations!!...i have this and a christmas pop up book of hers too : )

  6. I just picked a copy of this up- I love it!


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