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Winter Wonderland

   Today, Oklahoma is bracing itself for its first winter storm-- a bit of ice and snow that I'm hoping and praying wont keep me from getting to Fayetteville this weekend! But as the Okies watch the sky fretfully for that first dusting, I thought I'd share some amazing winter photography of the epic 'winter wonderland' of Alaska that my brother took last week when he traveled to Anchorage!

   Through the magic of Instagram I was able to follow Jordan's travels as he tooled around Alaska getting a frosty beard and wandering around picturesque mountainsides and frozen beaches. I'm not sure if I could handle Alaska in all its ruggedness and remoteness, but it sure is a stunning place!

   Now, if these photos don't get you in the mood for snow and winter, I don't know what will! Now I'm ready to sit back, hot cocoa in hand, and watch a few Oklahoma snow flakes fall. And seeing these photos, I hope I can keep a few pesky inches of snow in perspective as we trek over to Arkansas on Saturday morning, when the low temp will be all of SIX degrees. 

   Wishing you a beautiful wintertime, where ever you are!~ And thanks to my brother, Jordan Van Winkle, for sharing his photos with his sis and you all on the blog today!~


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I love winter and snow, but Alaska might be too much for me as well. I'm hoping we get snow without ice today. I swore I heard sleet last night, but I didn't even have to scrape the windshield this morning. Which is fine by me, of course. ;) Keep warm!

  2. love these gorgeous photos! they make me want to be out in some remote spot in nature with my nikon!

  3. Loving the beautiful evergreens laden with snow! Got lots of those here, happy to spread the snowflake joy!

  4. beautiful photos! I've always wanted to see alaska it is just so stunning!
    stay warm!

    ps...if you want you are welcome to send some snow over here (NC) I'd love some!! :-)

  5. Beautiful photos! Stunning!!! I am with you , however, in that I am not sure I could thrive in the rugged Alaska environment. Alaska, however, is on my list of places I hope to visit IN SUMMER! Hopefully your snow/sleet weather will not impact your travels to the show this weekend.

  6. Great photos, though visiting Alaska isn't on my "bucket list." I'm hoping ice doesn't interfere with your planned trip to Arkansas this week-end. Take care!

  7. Beautiful photos...it makes me want to go to Alaska. I want snow!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️

  8. beautiful photos!
    we are expecting snow too~ we even have our first snow day today-i'm going to be decorating for christmas and crafting : )
    stay warm and safe...

  9. Absolutely gorgeous photos! It does indeed get you in a winter frame of mind. Good luck dealing with the snow and ice - I hope it doesn't prevent you from traveling. And I hope you enjoyed your desserty breakfast this morning, too.

  10. very beautiful! and right now I love winter very much..you just need very warm clothes ***

    love Lycke


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