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a quick hello

  Hello there! Just thought I'd stop by and let you know that we're doing fine, lots of winter cuddles and trying to figure out this thing called 'life with a baby.' Still trying to get into a routine-- some days are better than others. Some days he's feeling good and napping well, others...not so much ;) But over all, Robbie is such a sweet and lovable little guy. Looks, he even lets his mama check her knitting progress on his little noggin. How cute is that???

   Some little treats we've been enjoying around the house include some homemade apple sauce, watching the "Christmas bulbs" grow at such a slow pace it could be spring before we actually see flowers, and loving all the kindness of friends and family who bring us food and come to visit-- or give us special keepsakes like the beautiful necklace that my mom had made for me from The Vintage Pearl, shown above. It has Audrey and Robbie's names and birthdays stamped in it, and a copper heart in the center-- plus a pretty pearl (have I told you that lately Im liking pearls a lot? Must be my old age settling in...)

  Like many places across the US, its bitter cold here. There was a slight dusting of snow this morning, but it melted in record time. I feel like when the weather is this cold, its just useless if there isnt snow. Who wants bitter and brown? That's no fun at all. And it was nearly 70 this weekend. Weather out here is crazy.

  Well, back into my nest I go! Hope all is well with you and yours, talk with you soon!~

     Sitting here at my computer for a moment and I can hear the soft clatter of dog paws on the wood floor through the baby monitor-- Franklin has gone in to check the baby, who is sleeping like a little stuffed tick. Audrey is home from school for the holiday, and so we're getting a slow start. I admit, I'm a little nervous about having to get her ready and out the door and to school all with a newborn in tow--- just as it turns cold again (it was near 70 this weekend!). But its a new year, with a new baby, and new adventures ahead!

   I can't believe he's more than a week old already. Thinking about it made me overwhelmingly sentimental last night. They grow so fast. With a second baby, I think you're more aware of it. With a first baby, you're just trying to survive and it feels like forever. You just want to get to that next milestone and get some sleep and know you're doing ok. But this time around, I know he'll be growing before our eyes. I'm trying to soak in the littleness.

   Oddly enough too, instead of being overwhelmingly exhausted--- well, I am tired but it doesn't compare to the bone tiredness I felt with pregnancy--- I feel more awake. So now I'm finally thinking of projects to do around the house, getting to some cleaning that desperately needed to be done, and pondering getting the food we eat back in a more healthy direction. I haven't wanted to cook for months. Mostly because by evening, I was just a big pregnant zombie, and if it could be put together in five minutes or just popped in the oven, that's what I did. Even just cutting up things and putting them in the crock pot seemed like too much of an effort. But I feel more motivated to do things now--- and since I am basically a big food factory myself these days, I should probably add some good ingredients for little Robbie.

   Aside from that--- still thinking and planning and even doing a little painting for the book idea. Above is a little sneak peek at some painting I did (before baby came.) It's going to Scandinavian-amazing! ;)

   Well, better scurry off. Also--- do you have any favorite crock pot or bread recipes? I'd love to hear them! I'm craving stuff like that. And its been far too long since I made fresh bread. I miss it!~
   Talk later--

Baby Is Here!~!

      It's been a bit quiet around here, hasn't it? Well that's because..... He's here! Our little boy is now here to snuggle and we've been enjoying all these new moments with him :)
     Robert--- Robbie, as well call him--- came early in the morning on January 10. I'm so so grateful that the process of his arrival was pretty calm and quick. Thursday evening I was finishing off a little knitted hat and by that night we knew someone had made up his mind to finally come and at 5:13 a.m. the next morning, Robbie made his debut!

     This little one had no idea how many people were so eagerly awaiting him! And he did end up coming 3 days early and to our surprise, only weighed one ounce more than his sister! He's got big bright eyes just like his daddy-- and is named after both his grandpas and his daddy. He's such a sweetheart and chirps like a little chicken. So far, things are going well and we're trying to get into a routine (as much as possible) and be as laid back and calm as possible.

    Soon he'll be joining me in the little crib in the art room and we'll make lots of new pretty things! Feeling so lucky and grateful these days and loving every bit of this little sweetheart. Audrey is also an excellent big sissy, and can't wait to show him how fun it is to be a kid!~

    Talk with you again soon--

January Schemes

     I'm still here and I'm still scheming! No baby yet, alas! he will soundly be a January baby. Maybe an Epiphany baby? That sounds nice, doesnt it? I keep telling him it does :)

    I am antsy for a project now (I know, I know, I'm about to embark on a huge project, but til then....) and I've got some big ideas for 2014. Namely, I'm REALLY going to start delving into my book illustration project that I've been stewing over for months now. The story is written, and I've been working on revising it. Also bought a new notebook to work out illustration ideas and so far, its been fun!

   I've realized that (simply enough) it you don't just start, nothing will happen. Funny how easy that is, right? But I really believe in this little story I've written, and I think you'll like it. And there will be some fun wintery scenes to illustrate. I cant wait to get going on the real paintings!

   This time of year seems perfect for all these new endeavors--- a new year is a chance for a fresh start and new expectations. I'm looking forward to all these new changes. I feel like I've been pregnant for forever, but I know babyhood will go so fast. With a first baby you're just trying to do the best you can and hope you get through it. People tell you it goes fast, but there's a nervousness to the whole process.  Are you doing it right? How did anyone trust you to take this tiny creature home? How do you make it through those rough early days, is there even an end in sight?

   With this second baby, you know that yes--- there are rough patches but you get through them. But there are so many little blessed moments and I'm going to really watch and take these moments in. Chances are, I wont break him and he'll eventually sleep through the night. Those soft baby rolls melt into kid legs so fast, and I'm going to enjoy mama-baby snuggles as long as I can. And also take advantage of the fact that he cant protest yet about all the hats I've made for him.

   So--- here we go. Let's charge ahead into 2014, shall we? I cant wait for you to come along too. And I wish you such a wonderful new year. No matter if you had a rough 2013 or a rough start to this season of change--- I hope that this is a year of unexpected and beautiful things for you. You never know where a year will take you! So here we go--- let's begin!~