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     Sitting here at my computer for a moment and I can hear the soft clatter of dog paws on the wood floor through the baby monitor-- Franklin has gone in to check the baby, who is sleeping like a little stuffed tick. Audrey is home from school for the holiday, and so we're getting a slow start. I admit, I'm a little nervous about having to get her ready and out the door and to school all with a newborn in tow--- just as it turns cold again (it was near 70 this weekend!). But its a new year, with a new baby, and new adventures ahead!

   I can't believe he's more than a week old already. Thinking about it made me overwhelmingly sentimental last night. They grow so fast. With a second baby, I think you're more aware of it. With a first baby, you're just trying to survive and it feels like forever. You just want to get to that next milestone and get some sleep and know you're doing ok. But this time around, I know he'll be growing before our eyes. I'm trying to soak in the littleness.

   Oddly enough too, instead of being overwhelmingly exhausted--- well, I am tired but it doesn't compare to the bone tiredness I felt with pregnancy--- I feel more awake. So now I'm finally thinking of projects to do around the house, getting to some cleaning that desperately needed to be done, and pondering getting the food we eat back in a more healthy direction. I haven't wanted to cook for months. Mostly because by evening, I was just a big pregnant zombie, and if it could be put together in five minutes or just popped in the oven, that's what I did. Even just cutting up things and putting them in the crock pot seemed like too much of an effort. But I feel more motivated to do things now--- and since I am basically a big food factory myself these days, I should probably add some good ingredients for little Robbie.

   Aside from that--- still thinking and planning and even doing a little painting for the book idea. Above is a little sneak peek at some painting I did (before baby came.) It's going to Scandinavian-amazing! ;)

   Well, better scurry off. Also--- do you have any favorite crock pot or bread recipes? I'd love to hear them! I'm craving stuff like that. And its been far too long since I made fresh bread. I miss it!~
   Talk later--


  1. You are so sweet, enjoy every moment with your little guy! And yes, the crock pot meals will be a saviour for you ;) and good for you guys too!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Enjoy your sweet babies. (Smitten Kitchen has a delicious crock pot black bean soup recipe posted somewhere. I definitely recommend it. Perfect for winter.)

  3. That photo of Audrey with Robbie is just precious!! I am so happy to hear that you have a more energy now that he is here too. January is a great time to also rethink the family meals to be easy, healthy and quick to make. The healthier diet will be better for everyone and it will give you more energy. As for quick bread, my suggestion is to get one of those bread box mixes that has everything you need, comes in several flavors, and usually always turns out great. They live near the cake and other quick bread boxes in your grocery store. Also, do you have Mrs. Schubert's rolls in your store's freezer section? They are homemade, delicious and there are several flavors. These also make great little rolls for "sliders" if you make some crock pot BBQ. Stay warm as everyone enjoys all of your knitting projects from the past Fall!!

  4. Sweet siblings! It's funny, when I looked at the photos before reading your post, I was reminded of a day spent home with my mom when I was sick, and my youngest sibling was a newborn. (I was 11). The warm sunlit house that winter, all cozy with the new baby, made me look forward to being a mommy someday. :) This crockpot ham and white bean soup from Plain Chicken is delicious (and ridiculously easy) - great with cornbread: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/22025485649475712/ - or link to site, if Pinterest link doesn't work: http://www.plainchicken.com/2012/01/slow-cooker-ham-white-beans.html.

  5. Heather....congratulations! What joy to have such a wonderful addition to your family :0) Craving healthy foods is a good thing. Fresh bread and crock-pot recipes are just perfect for a new mami like you :0) I bake bread every other day... easy recipe: 3.5 cups of whole wheat flour and white flour (2 white - 1.5 whole wheat) 3 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of sea salt, 3 teaspoon of yeast, 3 tablespoon of veg oil and warm water. Proof the yeast, add the dry then the wet, mix well and knead the dough. First rise - 45 minutes...then knead and place on bread pan. Second rise - 25 minutes. Bake at 350 degree oven for 35 minutes. Enjoy! :0)

    In His Love,


  6. So happy your little one has arrived, and new routines are in the making. I have not tried this recipe yet, but it looks 'user-friendly' and delicious! If you're not familiar with Lucy's blog, I think you will like it: http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/2014/01/artisan-bread.html

    Sharon in Alabama

  7. What a beautiful picture of the little ones Heather!
    Your painting is very pretty too.
    Love from Sara

  8. Ahhh, looks like your whole clan is adjusting so well! I'm glad. Your two babies together are adorable! Is your book idea the one that you sent me? I loved it and hope you get some time to work on that!


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