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  It's cold and gray and generally yucky outside. As much as I did my very best to enjoy winter, I am ready for spring. This time of year always has me itching to plant and full of grand schemes. Oh yes, I can totally create an English cottage garden! Just hand me a shovel and some pretty plants! And then July will come, and the baking sun will not cease (and also my whining about the baking sun will not cease. Sorry about that!) and that English cottage garden will be a sad mess of dried up intentions.

   But til then, I will dream.....

   I got some little indoor planters the other day with the last of my Christmas money and put some succulents in them. I am proud of the foresight of 'I will probably frequently forget to water these things, so better get desert plants!'

  And slowly, S-L-O-W-L-Y baby is starting to get a bit of a routine of a nice nap in the afternoon where I try to fit everything I need to do into that time frame. But sometimes I give myself a treat and let myself paint. I did that with my Easter painting a couple of days ago, and I got a lot of good work done! Hoping I can do that again today (lets all knock on wood.) 

   Robbie is growing fast, filling out and getting some chunk--- sometimes he'll graciously allow me a few minutes in the art room while he lounges in the little crib and looks at the books. He also gives a smirk when Franklin gets to licking his feet--- you'll never see a more devoted foot licker than that little red dog! Henry, the older dog, would never stoop so low.

   Well, here's to dreams of spring time and sunny days and nice weather. Tomorrow is MARCH! The spring bulbs are coming! Just a little while longer....

   Til then,


  1. I'm dreaming of spring too! And an English cottage garden (that will only be real in my mind.) As soon as the heat of July hits, I know it's time to start planning my Halloween decorations! :)

  2. Happy March 1st! Spring is popping out down here and I can see the tiny new green leaves bursting forth on the trees outside my desk window and a few dark pink azaleas opening up! I promise you, Spring is coming!! The Gulf of Mexico waters are warming and those warm breezes are pushing up into the heartland so help is on the way! Love, love, love that instagram video of Robbie saying hello. He is so precious!

  3. Hooray for spring! I have lots of flower seed packets sitting in the fridge that I never got to last year. Hopefully this year! Just planted some green onions, lettuce, and spinach yesterday.

  4. I am so excited for Spring! We're still expected to have near Arctic weather for another few weeks at least though :/ Oh that little baby pudge, so sweet!

  5. English Cottage Gardening is a Wonderful book! So many beautiful pictures, so much inspiration.

  6. Oh you've got me dreaming of spring with your thoughts on an English cottage garden....sigh.
    Robbie is TOO cute!


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