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     The days are full now, what with baby and soccer practices, and trying to keep up with the ever-growing piles of laundry. I'm trying to not let the lurking panic attack over the state of my house creep up on me too much....its the reality of having a new baby and I know I need to be gentle with myself. But that spring cleaning bug sure has a hold on me, and I feel the need to paint (not just paintings, but on the crackling and peeling and scuffed bits around here) but it will all have to wait!

  Of course I came here to tell you thank you for entering the giveaway! The winning submission was from Janice, and now her print will be on its way to her in the UK! Thank you all who participated-- there will be more in the future, of course! And you can find that print for sale in the shop too.

  As for me, I'm like these little pansies pressing my nose to the window ready for the weather to warm up so fun can begin. More time spent out on the porch, flowers blooming, trees leafing. I'm frankly done with dead brown winter, which still lingers in the chilly air. Time to go, winter. We will see you at the end of the year, and be excited for your return!

  Anyhow, we're going to bundle up and trot to the post office to mail off a few orders and then come back home...to scheme and dream...and try to get another load of laundry done!
Til next time,

The Pinkest of Pony Parties

    So this weekend Audrey had her 7th birthday party--- seven! I can't believe she's such a big kid! To celebrate we combined two things that she absolutely loves; pink and ponies! I perused pinterest and got some great ideas, and then headed to the craft store for heaps of ribbon, scrap booking paper, and ofcourse-- hot glue!
   To compliment the yummies and the pony decor, we used several of Audrey's toy horses as decorations, and made tiny bunting for the cupcakes and cake. I think it came out really well! I even made each kid a 'horse show ribbon' for their favor. They may have been a little wonky, but hey! They were made in the USA, right? ;)
   Here's a look at the set-up before it got devoured:

  Now that the pony party is over and Spring Break is in full swing, Audrey is attending horse riding camp during the day and loving it. I love that she has something that is so uniquely her that she is passionate about. I love seeing how excited she gets about horses, and how she has no fear around those huge animals. She helps groom them and feed them and rides them. My little cowgirl! A pink pony princess if there ever was one...

GIVEAWAY: Preparing the Easter Basket!

     Now that spring is coming, I feel like its high time we had a giveaway to celebrate the occasion, don't you? And I think the perfect piece is one of my very favorite little scenes--- Preparing the Easter Basket! This painting features a sweet little family, three generations of women, preparing their Easter basket to be taken to church to be blessed. The grandmother has made Psyanksy (painted eggs), and the mother has baked a beautiful Easter bread.
   The print to be given away is 8x10" and comes signed and dated by me! It is beautifully printed and the color is so vibrant. I'd love for it to become part of your Easter and springtime celebrations!
   To win the print--- it's simple! Just leave a comment here on the blog. If you SHARE (facebook, twitter, etc) this post, feel free to comment again and let me know! Then you can put your name in the pool for more than one chance to win.
   Thanks so much! And good luck! :D

Giveaway lasts from right this minute to Friday March 22!

Blossoms to call in springtime

  Ducking in to say hello! Hope this March is treating you well, no matter if you have sun or snow! I know friends out east are getting lots of snow and some ice right now. And all the way down here on the plains, its sunny and warm. It's probably too much to ask that it stay that way though, Oklahoma weather is notoriously fickle.
   Here though, the baby is consuming most of my days-- he demands cuddles and being held and I'm not getting that much done, on any level, but I know that this will pass. And I'm trying to enjoy being his favorite person ever, all the time. He's a sweet boy, he just doesn't want to be put down!
   To cheer ourselves in this last very brown part of winter-- or is it spring yet--- we're starting to get a few flowers around the house! I planted this pot with lavender a few days ago and I love it. It sits in front of the big dining room windows soaking up the light and reminds me that even though it is brown and rather ugly outside--- a beautiful season is coming

   Monday was also Audrey's birthday and of course she got flowers. She is now seven, and such a big kid! One of the best readers in her class and loves math. She definitely didn't get that math love from her ol' mama!
   And although I'm not getting much accomplished, I am making a few pots of tea a day, as now I'm on a total mint tea kick. I love it best in a fancy cup with sugar cubes. Because even when you're covered in spit-up, nursing, or just trying to stop baby frets, a nice cup of tea can make things seem a little more special. And know what? This will horrify my English friends I bet--- when the pot goes cold I just ice the tea and drink it that way, southern girl style. Makes the pot stretch, any way! haha! I also found a Harney and Sons 'chocolate mint' tea at Target and it made me very happy, the tea tin was even red! (my favorite!) Tea tins make me feel fancy too. Hey, I'm still in my bath robe, my hair is a mess, I'll take fancy where I can get it.

   Well, as you may have guessed, a baby is calling to me (and he's not patient) I'll go for now, but be back soon!~!

Original Painting: The Easter Egg Tree

      Yesterday I put the finishing touches on this little Easter painting, and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you here (and in plenty of time for Easter! Or Pascha, whichever you celebrate!)
   This is "The Easter Egg Tree" and it was inspired, again, but Ukrainian Folk Art traditions in Easter-- especially Pysanksy, the art of decorated Easter Eggs-- which are so, so pretty! This original painting is freshly listed on etsy, and looking for a new home to celebrate Easter in!

  If the characters in this painting look familiar to you, it's because the same three characters that appear in my painting "Preparing the Easter Basket" are featured here-- except this time with a baby brother! (Naturally!)
  I think these two pieces will make a pretty Easter set, and I do anticipate getting some prints made of this one. 
   I have such a love for European folk art, particularly the Eastern European variety. And the customs and vibrant art of those places have always drawn me in, even as a little girl. I shared a little bit about the custom of the Easter Eggs and baskets last spring when I created the first painting--- and you can read that post HERE

    Of course I am well aware of the troubles happening in The Ukraine at this very moment, and to me that makes these paintings all the more poignant. I know there are many, many families there just entering into Lent, probably with very heavy hearts and lots of uncertainty. I hope that this year and this Easter (Pascha, to the many Orthodox Christians that live there) brings them a miracle of peace and hope. That is, ultimately, what Easter is all about.


Update: Painting SOLD! Thank you!