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New Painting: Home from Pascha

    When we're little, it's easy to see the fairy tale aspects of every day life. Its so easy to fall into the magic of a starry night, candles in the darkness, and the adventure in things that are, to grown ups, just part of routine and easily overlooked.
   Being a mama, especially to such a teeny tiny little one again, I like to think that I can channel that wonder and imagination for myself sometimes, although not as easily as I could as a little girl. But I still remember it, and that's half the battle, isn't it?
   Over the last few months I've had time to think more about my art and what I'd like to convey and contribute to the world with it. The themes I keep coming back to are family themes, faith themes, themes of the joys of the seasons and relationships between people and the traditions they share together that bring them peace and happiness. And the ultimate goal for me, is to trigger in those who see my art a feeling of childhood wonder and familiarness, an invitation to fall back into wonder and magic and that inner place that is the best of childhood. To bring that fairytale quality to the every day moments-- be it working in the garden or coming home from a church service.
  With those things in mind, I set out to created "Home from Pascha" which I had envisioned for quite a while before it came to be in paint.
   I did not grow up in a liturgical tradition, but have found that as an adult that these old traditions speak to my childhood heart. There is just something so special about taking part in things that have been done for centuries, with reverence and mystery, but with the people you know and love in the every day.
  Be it Easter Vigil, Midnight Mass or Pascha, these ancient traditions are so moving, no matter your faith.
  And Pascha will forever be special to me, since it was while attending my first last year that I began to suspect and hope that we would have a new little one in our family. And you know how that turned out.... he's in my lap right now trying to eat my fingers while I try to type :)

   And so, with those special memories in mind, I created "Home from Pascha" and although I am a bit late this year with getting it done in a timely manner (Pascha baby, remember?) I am so happy with how it turned out, and I hope you like it too! For me its about family, tradition, faith, and the beauty of it all in nature. I hope it speaks to you no matter what your background or faith. It's a message from my childhood imagination to yours. 

Thank you for your visit and I will chat with you soon! Let me get this piece varnished and then I'll list it in the shop!~

EDIT: Painting is now on ETSY!


  1. The story behind your inspiration for this painting is very beautiful Heather. It is so true, how what is most important to us is reflected in our art. I do love the sweet family under the starry sky, what a gorgeous piece of artwork.

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)

  3. Love this new painting Heather! It's so beautiful. And I love how you say "To bring that fairytale quality to the every day moments".

  4. I love this beautiful theme and springtime feel of this Easter painting! Your art always brings that magic and familiar feeling of the way things were which is part of the way it never fails to draw me in. The addition of the Scandinavian and European colors and themes for the seasons also pulls me into traditions that are centuries old. I always love your fairytale feeling Ian's the fun underpinning your themes!!

  5. I agree that there is something very sacred about taking part in holiday and religious traditions. I was raised Baptist, but I started going to a Methodist church as an adult and one thing I loved about that change was that the Methodists do communion every week. It was such a special occasion to me, gathering with those around me for such a ceremony that has been practiced for ages. I hope you and your sweet family are having a happy spring!


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