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    On Friday I had the opportunity to visit a sweet little church in Claremore, Oklahoma--- St. Brigit's Orthodox Church -- and see a beautiful old icon that was briefly on display there. The icon was the Kursk-Root Icon from Kursk, Russia. It was one of the most beautiful, and oldest, icons I've ever seen-- and when do you get a chance to see something like that in Oklahoma? Not often! So some friends and I trekked up to see it and I'm so glad we did!
 I had Robbie with me on the visit, and it was so special to have him with me. We were able to touch and photograph the icon (the icon was there to be venerated after all!) and Robbie was able to put his little hand on it, as centuries of babies before him have. 

   The people there were so friendly to us, which was nice since we were visitors, and there was only about 20 of us there--- which is amazing when you know that this famous piece can draw throngs of the devoted to just catch a glimpse of it.

   One of the lovely ladies there gently told me that Robbie would be blessed for the rest of his life by the icon, which you know warmed this little mama's heart!

   And as a history lover, the story of the Kursk-Root icon is very interesting! Found by hunters in an abandoned destroyed village in Russia in 1295, a spring of water was said to spout from where the icon was found and a chapel was built on the site. The chapel was destroyed several times (always with the icon not being destroyed) and the icon itself was stolen several times, only to mysteriously return. If you'd like, you can read more about the icon HERE.
  All in all, I'd say our visit to see the icon was very lovely and inspiring! And of course, thoughts of paintings are already starting to blossom. 

  Well, baby calls! Talk with you soon---


  1. What a nice opportunity for you - and Robbie - to see this.

  2. What a beautiful old icon! I do love the long story about it as well. What a treasure to have for a viewing almost in your own backyard!!

  3. What a blessing! I've never seen that icon, but I read a lot about it and stared at the many pictures I found online several years ago when the Russian people welcomed it for a visit. They were so full of happiness, and I felt that I shared their joy. They would probably be amazed to see your photo of a nearly empty church, and wonder why people were not thronging to venerate it.

    1. I think it was probably the time in which the icon was there that probably made the church not so crowded--- it was only there for a couple of hours on a friday morning, which would make it tricky to see for people with work or school obligations. I'm so glad I got to go though!

  4. What a fascinating story, that this old and very special icon is in Oklahoma and that you and little Robbie got to see it.
    Ha ha, do you know what, I follow you on instagram, and have done so for some time :). My cell phone is so old so it doesn´t have internet or apps or things like that, otherwise I would have been on instagram too :)

  5. Awww you and Robbie look so lovely at the church! That is so sweet that Robbie will be blessed for the rest of his life, I think so too (especially with such a lovely mama as you).

  6. It's a truly beautiful icon! Wonderful culture.


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