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Snapshots of Springtime

     Although its cold and gray today, springtime has come to our corner, and I'm glad. It's good to see green again, and flowers. The warming weather has me cleaning out the house and making plans--- I even cleaned up the art room! And wish me luck--- tonight I'm going to attempt to blow out some eggs and dye them (or maybe I should dye them first???) but just in case all doesn't go well with that, we're having 'breakfast for dinner' so it cant be a total bust!

   Even though its warming up, I'm still knitting. Not too long ago I got a drop spindle, and my next goal is to learn to spin my own yarn. I'd like to work up to dying it too. I received this beautiful art yarn (sow above) the other day from my friend Dani's etsy shop, Pumpkinhaus. It is so pretty and I'm planning on making Robbie a little hat (I know, I know, another one??) for next fall and winter. He keeps getting bigger every day, and I know the hats he has now wont fit when the chill comes round again.

   And, of course, we are now in the midst of Holy Week with Palm Sunday taking place yesterday. Palm Sunday is such a sweet day for children, and its one of the days that stick out in my mind as a child when I'd visit my grandmother's church. I loved the pageantry and feeling like you were part of something special.

   Robbie is now 3 months old now (can you believe it?!) and I'm hoping we start settling into a nice routine with some naps and I can get back to a bit of painting. I've got so many ideas! I just need to get back into the swing of things. And this cold gray day seems like a good day to get started.

   I'll talk with you all later!~ Hope you are well!


  1. beautiful blog as always, lots of love and Happy Easter

  2. Such a lovely collection of Spring photos outside in your area! I've been following your yard tours complete with tulips, daffodils and other flowers opening up. The flowers of Spring just make it all so beautiful after the long brown of Winter! Robbie is certainly getting so big! Have a wonderful Easter Week!!

  3. Oh, you make me wish I could actually knit and follow a pattern and all of that stuff. I can knit or purl a row, but I always get lost and never finish anything. We had a lovely Palm Sunday, too. We gave our crosses to Mr. B to put in his shirt pocket, and now I'm not sure what he did with them. Sigh. Have a lovely holy week!

  4. Can't wait to see how blowing out the eggs goes- I want to do it too then fill with chocolate as an Easter silly prank for the girls! ��

  5. That yarn is sooo lovely. Babies grow too fast! I am coping with my baby niece being 6 months old already, such a precious time when they are so little.

  6. Oh, Robbie has already grown a bit I can see! Even though he is still reallly tin!. He is so pretty! :)))


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