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  Good Morning!~ Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend-- we made our first harvest of the flowers in the yard to make a pretty bouquet for the table and I was so happy to see that we were able to find so many pretty things. For my Mother's Day, Audrey and I went to the plant nursery and picked out a beautiful rose bush--- a David Austin Rose in the color "Lady of Shalott." Sometimes I go outside to just peek at it and see the pretty apricot blooms. I'm a bit plant love-sick, haha!

  Another sweet treat arrived for me yesterday from our friend Winnie--- she sent me the sweetest package of things from her recent trip to Holland! Including chocolate, dutch cookies, a sweet pair of little dutch clogs, a beautiful post card, and a delftware bead that I am now determined to add to something knitted. Thank you so much, Winnie!

   In other news--- the Audrey Eclectic Read-Along is starting up! :D I created a facebook group where people can chat about the books as we read, but dont fret--- I know not everyone has facebook so we can also chat here on the blog as well. First up is "Little House on the Prairie." Its one of my favorite books, and just captured my heart as a kid. As you can see, my copy is pretty crumbly! It was bad shape when I got my hands on it in the 5th grade, haha, but somehow its still holding together! I will make a blog button for the facebook group (which is an open group, so even if you dont have a facebook account, you can still view the conversations there) when I get the time. I'm often typing on borrowed time with this little one on my lap!

   Well, must go for now! Talk soon, and hope you are well!~


  1. Your flowers are so beautiful! I love the deep pink colors with the other color contrasts. Glad you are enjoying your little taste of the Netherlands too. Do I dare admit I never read Little House on the Prairie? My Jessica read and enjoyed the entire series and recently took them back home with her. So, I will soon get myself a copy from the library. Better late than never!!!

  2. Oh those Dutch clogs are such a treasure! Joined in on the Facebook group, so exciting!

  3. The flowers are beautiful! And the clogs are so sweet. How thoughtful of Winnie. I too am signed up and looking forward to the reading club.


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