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The Spring Season

    Last week, the kids and I and some little friends went out to Shepherd's Cross in Claremore, Ok. for their "Wooly Weekend", where they sheer the sheep and do demonstrations on working with wool. We went on a Friday, and despite a field trip group also arriving at the same time, we were able to hang back and enjoy the beautiful day there with the sheep, and also ramble through the gardens of the farmhouse there on the farm.
   We always enjoy our time there, and its fun to see my art on display, and also get to look through the new yarns created from the sheep that live right there on the farm. There is also just such a peaceful and old fashioned feeling there, especially at the house and the garden, which leaves me feeling so inspired. 
   The girls swung on the swing hanging from a huge old tree in the backyard and hid in the old lilac grove while my friend Holly and I got to chat.
   The new season of spring is finally here, and I'm glad to see it. I'm still trying to keep up with things--- housework and laundry seem to be constantly nearing crisis status, but I know this will pass (although sometimes I do get overwhelmed in the moment). But just like a time comes for the sheep to be sheared, the babies to be fed and cuddled, the paintings to get done, everything has its season. I need to keep reminding myself this more and more.


  1. Oh! What a fun day that sounds like. I need to make a trip out there one of these days and check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The farm is looking beautiful this spring! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. Looks like a fun day out! I agree- everything has a season. x

  4. Something about a farmhouse that sings to my soul! Makes me dream of wide open windows and fresh air, hanging clothes out on the line!


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