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    I am surrounded by projects. Things to do--- things I want to do, things I have to do. I always think "after I get the house swept and the dishes out of the sink, I'm going to do something fun." But somehow, those things dont quite ever get done, do they? Everything being done and put away is a brief, fleeting moment-- if it happens at all.
   I keep my knitting basket out and poised for action of a down moment happens to occur. I'm still working on that Ashburn shawl--- who knows, it might really be winter by the time its finished! I guess that will work out ok ;)
   How about you, my knitting friends? Are you working on anything this summer? I know sometimes its hard to get motivated for knits when its hot and steaming outside. I like to knit for the promise of autumn though ;) its true--- living out here where we will have days and days of over 100 degrees....I'm not a fan of summer. I am evidently just delicious to mosquitos. And you cant wear sweaters and there's no pumpking anything (gasp!)
   But we'll get through it, as well always do! There will be the autumn gathering! And fun things for Christmas! Lets all say a fervent prayer to the Patron Saint of Babies Who Take Long Naps (whoever that may be??) so that I can get going at a good pace for the festive season!
   Anyhow--- wishing you a restful Sunday and a Happy Father's Day to all those good daddies in the world. The daddies in my family are out playing golf at the moment! Then it will be time for good food and family. 
   Thanks for coming by today!~


  1. Yep so many projects half done or yet to be started. :-)

  2. Hi Heather~ As I look out my windows at what remains of yet another day of humidity followed by thunderstorms, I am jumping right on the ban wagon with you dreaming of fall and cooler weather!! As for knitting, I have been reading about the Knit for Victory patterns for WWI and WWII. This week I am heading in search of drab olive for the Red Cross hospital sock and simple vest patterns that I downloaded. I am kinda excited about this little challenge and the vest will be my first attempt at something bigger than a hat, scarf, gloves or socks. Drab Olive sounds like a great fall color to immerse myself in as it goes perfectly with pumpkin! Who knows, by the time of your Audrey Eclectic Fall Gathering, I will be wearing the fruits of my labors with my mug of Pumpkin Spice coffee in hand....and the AC way down! LOL!! I am so excited about your instagram photo of the upcoming Advent wreath painting! I know it is going to be fantastic!

    1. That sounds so interesting Winnie! I'm off to google "knit for victory patterns"!

    2. Patricia~ I had to order the requisite drab olive yarn in 100% wool as required for the troops. Apparently, wool was the safest fabric in heat because it would not melt and burn the soldiers. Plus the lanolin in pure wool helped to keep the feet dryer in the wet environments. Shipment for my wool is not until August 30 so it looks like my project can't start until sometime after the first week of September. I am bummed out as I wanted to start now, but it was very important to me to have the correct color in the right blend and gauge per the instructions. I am determined to make this just like women did back in WWI and WWII with wool that would have been issued exactly like what the Red Cross handed out. I want to re-create the same feel and knitting experience today in 2014.

  3. That Ashburn shawl is such a gorgeous project! I've got a million projects I'd like to get started. But as I live alone with my dear mum, and I am a full time student and she is a full time registered nurse, I never seem to be awake enough to get to those beautiful projects after housework, working out, and school work!

  4. That Ashburn shawl is beautiful! I need to start that...as soon as I finish the scarf I've been working on since winter. I can't bear to give up, but I hate the yarn so much that I never force myself to sit down and work on it. Well, as Tasha would say, it's June and time to start working on those Christmas presents! Must get back to knitting! :)


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