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Tasha Tuesday-- On Wednesday

   So it wasn't that I forgot Tasha Tuesday yesterday. It was just that I never got a chance to come here and celebrate it. Ah well, that's how it goes. There's a lot going on around here these days, and my mantra has to be "I'll get it done when I get it done."

   One thing I did get to do yesterday--- even though it too isnt finished--- is work in my garden. It has been terribly neglected this year because, as it turns out, having a newborn really gets in the way of your gardening, ha! I would look out my kitchen window and just sigh in sadness over the weedy jungle growing out in my garden.
   However yesterday a cold front (in July!!) came through and the morning was just deliciously cool and perfect for yard work. I was able to get some time on my own to weed out some of the things that had me sighing and let the plants I actually wanted out there breathe.

  Of course its all very humble out there now, especially compared to Tasha's garden. I envy her talent and her climate! I'd love to have a garden as lush and mature as hers. I also think that working in her garden--- and it is some good, dirty work--- kept her fit and sharp. I hope I can have just a fraction of her garden success and health when I'm older!

   Today it is gray and still cool, and a drizzle is falling. It is the perfect weather for an English cottage garden, if only it would stay! But this isn't Vermont, and it certainly isnt England either!

   I'm hoping I can get out to do some more work soon-- as I've only done a small dent. And dream of next year's garden, when its a bit easier with baby to get things done.

   How is your garden doing this summer?
Happy Tasha Tuesday....er, Wednesday!


PS--- Thank you SO MUCH for your awesome response to Monday's post! We've already raised $60 at last count! I hope by friday I can get even more funds together, and I'll make the donation on Saturday.


  1. Tasha's gardens were indeed very lush and beautiful!!Given her lifestyle, I always wondered if she had more hours in her day than we do. With Almost everything handmade, I think it is incredible when you think about it and raising 4 children! How lucky you were with a bit of respite from the summer heat!!

  2. The weather here and my black thumb (time constraints too!) keep me from really having much of a garden at all. Though I have to say, there is a neighbour around here who doesn't have a front lawn, instead their front lawn is a wild garden full of flowers and different types of grass. I think most people find it messy but I think it is so gorgeous! If I were to garden, I'd do it that way. Wild and unrestrained!

  3. We've been enjoying a cold front too and I've been out in the new garden space weeding the mess that the previous owners left for me. I'm almost done, then I can start planning for my spring garden. Enjoy these cool mornings while you can!

  4. look at that DOLL in the bottom photo -- i can only imagine how cool it would be to have a doll like that with lovely vintagey clothes!!!

  5. I didn't even start gardening until my youngest was 2--that was 24 years ago now. Not that you probably need reminding, but little ones aren't little for long. Tasha was superwoman before the term became popular. I gave up long ago trying to do more than I had energy to do. Being an empty nester has given me back a whole bunch of time so now I direct my energy into things I couldn't do when my children were little. Life doesn't get boring when you see it as seasons.


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