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Art for Charity: "A Child's Prayer"

         In an occasion that hasn't happened in, well, at least seven months if not more, I was able finish a painting in about a day! And I'm so glad it was this one, because it's very special!     This is the painting I wanted to create to raise money to donate to relief in the Middle East. I feel like its so important to help in some way-- even if it is very, very small. I've listed this piece on eBay and the auction goes through Sunday evening. After which, I will donate 100% of the profit of the painting to International Orthodox Christian Charities, which provides aid to refuges and those suffering in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, and all over the world.
    You can find the link to the auction HERE.

   The painting is called "A Child's Prayer." The idea was a simple one--- an Iraqi girl lighting a candle and praying for peace as an icon of the Theotokos and Christ look on, as if praying as well. Subtly in the background is the symbol "N" for "Nazarene", which has been used by the terror group to mark Christians as targets for violence and death. It has also become a symbol of solidarity for those who stand with the middle eastern Christians.

   I'd like to add, too, that my feelings about what is happening to these people aren't just because they're Christian. They are human beings, and there are minority groups in this area being persecuted who are just as worthy of our help and protection. My strong feelings come from the fact that these people are being so ruthlessly treated in an effort to erase them from their homeland in ways that makes my blood run cold. I can hardly stand to see the photos of the children and mothers crying, let alone see the photos of the much more terrible things going on.

   If history teaches us anything, it is our duty to stand up for those being mistreated and brutalized because they are fellow human beings. There need not be any other reason. The idea that "its far away and not my problem" never leads to peace. 

   And so, whatever bit of funds this painting raises, my hope is that it helps lead to the building of peace and bring aid to those who are suffering. Please take a moment to take a look at the auction and feel free to share it! I appreciate your visit so much!~



  1. It breaks my heart what is happening in the middle east. Most of all because I don't understand it one bit! I don't understand who is being targeted, I don't understand why, and I don't understand why innocent people are made to be involved with these atrocious politics. You are so awesome Heather, and this painting is beautiful! I hope one day there will be peace over there but for now all we can do is pray!

  2. It is so heartbreaking to listen to the news about all that is happening in the Middle East these days. Your painting turned out so lovely and peaceful! It was a true gift to consider this opportunity and make a painting in honor of those facing so much death and tragedy. I hope it sells for a handsome sum!!


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