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Hello there

     Summer is winding down. And you know me, I'm glad about it. Summer is not my season.

   School starts on Thursday. I'm glad about that too. The end of summer seems to get a little too hot, a little too lethargic. It feels like a rut. The start of the school season is like the start of a new year-- new possibilities! New teachers, new things to learn. And all the kids get back into a routine, I love it. I also love that the start of school means autumn is coming-- my favorite season!

   We've been busy moving things around the house. Moved all my art supplies and books out to the new studio space-- which is lovely, overlooking the garden...except the garden in a frightening mess since we've had no time to tame it this summer.

  We took the tv out of the living room and made a little den out of my old art space, and it feels much calmer in there now. Very much like how it was originally! Just a space for sitting and reading and talking. And bouncing madly, if you happen to be 7 months old and love to bounce ;)

   The auction for my charity painting ended last night, and I'm so pleased to say that we raised $94 to donate to International Orthodox Christian Charities! Am getting it ready to send off to its new home. A big thank you for everyone who bid on it--- and I'm glad it got such a solid price! It will be so satisfying to send them that money-- and I will post the receipt here to share.

   Other than getting poised for fall....not a lot going on around here. Hope to get to the studio this afternoon and do some more work. Autumn on my mind! :D


  1. You havw been busy! Just look at that precious little one! Our three daughters loved something called a "Johnny Jump-up" when they were little. That is a generous gift you are donating from the auction of your painting.

  2. oh that sweet baby face!!! adore. totally with you on the end of summer vibe. can't wait for fall!

  3. I love the sunny and calm look of the living room. We all need a space clear of technology for just having conversation or reading. Robbie is adorable and getting so big! And it goes without saying how much I am looking forward to Fall!!!!

  4. Your home is darling, as always. And the baby!!! ♥ Getting so chubby and big now! I love that age! And I share your views on late summer and fall. The first "sweater day" here will see me doing the Snoopy dance wildly through the streets. :)

  5. Hello beautiful Heather and Robbie! Oh your decor is so perfect. I love those curtains! Our season is coming beautiful lady! Sweet and pumpkinny weather here we come!


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