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Something Small

      On Friday, I was holding my baby and lighting a candle in solidarity for a friend about to deliver her baby. My heart was heavy and joyous all at once. I was so happy for this long awaited moment to finally be arriving, but I had also been reading about the terrible things going on in the middle east-- especially to women and children there--- all in the name of religion. 
    Earlier I had been worrying about things---- How I'm never able to get my house clean all at once; how making the transition from working in the house to a new studio space that will add extra costs of heat, air, and power while we also loose the rent in having my brother living there; why everyone says that nursing is a 'great way to lose weight' and I still look like a large Bavarian milk maid seven months in. 
   But learning about the horrific things going on in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq stopped me in my tracks about this. How foolish I was to be worrying about these relatively petty things when people were losing their lives, their families, their homes for more than a millenia. 
   Trying to walk that fine line in not wanting to know so much that it made me despondent, yet wanting to know what was going on so that I could find out about organizations offering aid to these areas, I read articles and talked to friends about it. As always in these situations, I feel the overwhelming urge to do something, even though I know what I am capable of is very small.
   But don't you remember being little and reading about Anne Frank or stories from the Holocaust and thinking "If I was there, I would help those people!" I do. And I think we all feel like if we see terrible things going on, we would try to be brave and make a difference and do the right thing. Even if its so, so small. Small is better than nothing! Sometimes something small makes all the difference.
   I've decided that I want to make a painting and donate the proceeds somewhere they may be of help. A friend pointed me in the direction of International Orthodox Christian Charities as a good place to send aid, so I think that is where I will donate the proceeds to. So....that is what is on my agenda at the moment.

   Sitting here this morning writing this, I've got a little one jumping in his bouncer, and a big one just woken up and watching cartoons on the couch. Dogs are snoring, and birds are twittering outside. It is sunny, a perfect Sunday morning. I am so lucky to be here, in this place, in this situation. All those little worries of mine seem petty now.
   I hope that where ever you are reading this from, you are feeling lucky too. We all have our problems and worries and things to deal with or overcome. But I trust that if you are reading this blog, you are relatively safe and warm and fed. We are the lucky ones--- and we do have so much. And to whom much is given, much is expected. Let's go out into our communities and reach out into the world and help! 

   I've decided that I'd like to make a habit of charitable giving through my art in different ways. Most particularly I'd like to focus on giving to organizations that help women and children. So often they are not able to control the decisions made around them, yet are often the first to be harmed by those decisions. As a woman and mother, I feel like that is where my heart lies. 
    As always--- thank you for coming here today and for reading. I appreciate you so much! Have a wonderful Sunday!~


  1. Well said! Praise God for your servant's heart <3

  2. Yes, we are truly blessed! I like to give my donations to UMCOR as 100% of what is given goes directly for aid, no administrative costs are taken. They are covered by a different fund collection.

  3. For sure, the political scene today in the Middle East is horrific! It does make one take stock of all that we take for granted here in the US. To read about all the suffering and needless killing, just makes me mad and sad. And the worst part is that it is religion and how a particular sect defines what is God, GONE MAD! For centuries we just keep repeating the same old atrocities in the name of God. When will we ever learn? When will it ever stop?

  4. I love what you are doing for the sake of others Heather. It's wonderful and inspirational and you are right- it's the small things that eventually add up to big things. I look forward to seeing the painting.


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