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   Hello there, my friends! It's been a bit since I've posted here, hasn't it? Sorry about that! We just finished up a week of VBS and I'm also moving all my art supplies (and seemingly everything else I own, including roughly 5 million books) into my new studio space!

  I do have a new piece to show you though, that I finished last month! This was my first commission to take on since going on 'maternity leave' and it was a large (24x24") canvas square family portrait of a very sweet family in the setting of the parent's alma mater. 

   The inspiration for this piece was a simple springtime scene (May Day figured into the setting, thus the wreaths and flower crowns) but also a simple and soothing color palette. The buildings of the campus were also prominent figures in the painting, and while not as central as the family, they were still important and so they take up a good bit of the canvas space as well, since they are so special to the family.

   I love to put in small details for people, although sometimes--- especially in a large piece like this--- they are subtle and seen only upon closer inspection. Some of the little details though include blue birds, bees, lily of the valley and little May Day decorations on the trees and buildings.

   The painting is now safe in its new home and much loved by its family--- the perfect end for a piece, if you ask me! I love creating these heirlooms for families. If you're ever interested in a commission, you're welcome to check out my commissions page for pricing and sizing!

   Well, its started to rain here, a gray and wet morning. Perfection! I hope this is a sign of a cozy day for us!~
  Til next time,


  1. This is an amazing portrait and you did a fantastic job on the buildings. I do love the little things in the background of your work- I'm always looking for the tiny details. It is reminiscent of Tasha Tudor's borders in a way...just those tiny details really make the whole painting wonderful.

  2. Just wonderful! Good luck in your new studio!

  3. Beautiful portrait. Happy painting in your new studio!

  4. Love this family portrait painting! The red brick building reminds me on home in Charlottesville, Va. So excited to hear that your studio is coming along with the big move. Moving is always a chore but then when you get all settled in, it is wonderful!!

  5. This piece is so detailed! I love it! I have found it so beautiful and interesting to watch your artistic style grow and evolve.

  6. We are so in love with it, truly is a treasure. The painting is off being framed right now, but I will be sure to send you a picture in it's new home (over our fireplace) once it returns. :)


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