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Happy September!

   It's here! Happy September! As if on cue, the weather was a little cloudier, and little gentler today, as if to say "Hang in there; fall is coming. Don't fret!"
  This morning we went for a little walk and it wasn't unbearable. The heat had subsided and a few leaves have already yellowed and fallen down into the yard from the old black walnut tree. It's coming! Fall is coming!

   I took the photo above last autumn while we were driving from New Hampshire to Vermont one morning. We drove by this beautiful lake and the brilliant trees...it was just so gorgeous we had to pull over and soak it in a bit. Yes, we were actual, real live New England leaf peepers that day! :D

   I think I'll start gathering my fall decorating things. And planning out fun activities here at the blog :) I'm thinking a giveaway....what do you think about that? Stay tuned..... :)


  1. This photo you posted is amazing! The rich colors and the pond reflection just speaks to the quote from Camus. A giveaway you say? Ohh, that would be such a treat!

    1. Thanks so much, Winnie! And yes--- a giveaway! I just have to decide of what, lol!

  2. I love this photo Heather!! Hurray for the start of Autumn. xx

  3. That is such a beautiful photograph! I am excited for the leaves to be vibrant like that once more, though it never lasts too long!


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