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Spooky Reading and our Winner

     Hello there!~ How have you been since we last chatted? Well, I hope! It's still hot here and I'm still cranky about it. But rain is coming, and fingers crossed, autumn weather--- finally! It has to come...doesnt it???

   Anyhow, my reading has sure taken on a spooky autumnal turn, as The Audrey Eclectic Read-Along has just started "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!" You're welcome to join us if you'd like, we have a facebook group where we chat about our reading.

   Above is a fun little painting I made last year as an ode to that legendary 'Headless Horseman.' A perfect tale for gathering around a camp fire, don't you think? If you'd like your own print of it, I have copies in my etsy shop.

  And oh yes! I havent forgotten that the giveaway ends today!~ And a winner has been selected....

Our winner is....

Congratulations, my friend! I will be in touch and we'll get your print sent on its spooky merry way!~

  Well, back to painting for me! It wont be long until I have Christmas Card Preorders to take-- can you believe it!?! The seasons are getting closer. I refuse to let them be a time of stress though, its a time of joy. 
   Chat later--


  1. Ohh, a little Spooky reading is perfect for October Eves! Even if it is still 87 degrees outside!!! I hope you get some fall like weather soon. October is such a perfect month to dive into those legendary scary stories. Remember Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds? The first time I heard that one, I was definitely spooked!!

  2. I agree with Winniei- there's nothing like a bit of spooky reading on a chilly October evening! I really enjoyed reading this month's book- the writing and language are perfect. I like thinking it was supposed to have taken place not too far from here! :)

  3. Oh I love the Legend of Sleepy Hollow! Such a spooky colonial tale. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I'm super excited!


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