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Commission: Madonna of the Romanian Woods

   I just recently finished up a really fun commission for a very talented artist friend. Nancy asked me if I would consider revamping my painting "Woodland Madonna" in a commission that would reflect her Romanian heritage. She even shared with me a beautiful family photo with the family dressed in intricately designed Romanian textiles--- and I knew I had my inspiration for this Madonna!~

   In this painting, the Christ child's blanket and Mary's dress are done in my take on traditional Romanian textile patterns and colors. Nancy's family photo was in black and white, so I had to make my guesses on the colors, but from my research into the patterns, bright reds, blues and dashes of white and little floral patterns are very common in Romanian folk dress.

   I was so happy to be able to do this project--- one part research project, one part painting project. The best of what I love to do, especially with some Eastern European folksy flare. 

  I'm happy to report that Nancy loves her painting and will be hanging it in her own studio where she does some amazing work, including icon writing. I hope her new Madonna of the Romanian Woods will offer her lots of inspiration!~



  1. This Madonna turned out beautiful! I love the dark reds and blues of the folk dress against the golden halo. I am sure it will offer your friend lots of inspiration in her studio!

  2. Oh she is so beautiful Heather! Beautiful and spiritual.

  3. It's lovely! And I am very happy with my original of the Woodland Madonna. (which will be hung up as soon as Advent begins.)


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