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  It's so strange....I spend most of the year preparing for Christmas. I paint snow and nativities when its 100 degrees outside. And then suddenly, the world joins in and it feels like the rush is on.

   Today Baby and I took a walk after we did our post office errands (art is on its way! :) ) and it did me good to try and calm my mind. It's only December 2 and I feel like I need to make real effort to keep things quiet and calm, at least within my door. The world is all a-frenzy--- we are told to buy and do, and be merry and be together, even if you don't feel like being or doing much of either!

   I admit, this time of year brings out the antisocial stay-at-home bird in me. I even wished for a little bit of that Thanksgiving snow you all got in the northeast, the perfect excuse for cuddling in and staying home! As for me, I try to go out strategically, when the least amount of people are out. And as it gets colder, I just want to stay indoors and paint--- maybe go for a quiet walk, but that's it; just the birds, animals and a baby in tow.

   Speaking of babies....this one here has been very clingy and fussy lately. New teeth are coming (do babies REALLY need so many teeth? I think we're good with what he's got...we need a teething break!) It's hard to have a coherent thought, much less paint something, when someone is constantly clinging to your legs whining and crying. 
   The other morning he woke up at 4 a.m., ready to go and start the day. Wearily I got up, made myself some coffee and looked out the curtains at the dawn decidedly not coming. It was dark and cold outside, and I just longed for my bed. 
   It wasn't long though, before thoughts of all I need to do started coming. It is frustrating when a chore list that would have taken me 30 minutes to complete a year or so ago now takes all day. I'm still a dishwasher load behind since Thanksgiving. 
   I decided to light a candle on the mantle while I sat on the couch with my coffee and the baby babbled and crawled, quite satisfied with his early rise. Sitting there watching the flame flicker, however, was calming. It's something we loose with all these electric lights. 
   As the flame danced, my mind relaxed and my teeth unclenched. Suddenly, I didn't feel the urgency or hurry. And it was really nice. 
    So now, that is what I want for Advent. Light the candles; be together. Don't let the flip side of holiday merriment--- which is worry, frenzy, disappointment and frustration-- take hold of the season. Find the quiet where you can. That perhaps imperfect, but much needed quiet. And a little light in the dark.


  1. Beautiful thoughts on one of those very hectic days for me. As a college student this time of year is insane and stressful; with a few bits of peace and relaxation in late December. It's unfortunate because those quiet winter moments are some of my favourites. It seems Black Friday has become a two week event now, with pre and post Black Friday sales booming in your face! It's so overwhelming and urgent; something no one needs at this time of year. My love and blessings to you that you find some peace and relaxation during the madness. P.S. I received your Tomten today and she is so lovely. Thank you so much <3

  2. Your candlelight is beautiful in the Advent wreath. I am glad you had some calming moments so early in the morning with the baby! It does seem like once December gets here, the pace of the days goes faster and faster even if you are not shopping or going to outings!

  3. Thank you for this sweet reminder to slow down and enjoy the season and the candlelight! May peace be yours!

  4. I hear you. Candle light is a huge balm. God bless you in this fleeing time with teething child... winter is for staying inside more I think!

  5. My to do list is so long that sometimes I feel very anxious and uninspired. It took me FOREVER to reopen the shop. But now ( just for a moment) I feel different and more fulfilled. I think we should learn to live in a moment and not in our to do lists:)


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