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New postcards, and Quiet Christmas

     I am very, very pleased to share that I have some new holiday postcard sets in my etsy shop right now! New designs include Winter Knitting, Stille Nacht, A Child's Prayer and a mixed collection of some old and new images. Perhaps there is a set that speaks to you?

  I wanted to say thank you too for your comments and emails on my last post. I appreciate it, and its good to know that I'm not alone in my longing for a quiet Christmas. I am making good steps towards it-- although it takes a decided effort. The world wants everything to spin out of control, but I have learned to turn off the tv, step away from whatever is grating on my nerves-- be it the radio, the internet, whatever, and find somewhere quiet to be.

  Around here the weather has been wet,moody, overcast, and perfect for this quiet Christmas endeavor. This morning baby and I packed up the stroller and did our post office run, and it was so drizzly and gray--- but about 65 degrees, so it felt nice. All the gardens and yards are brown and wet with faded autumn, the birds are out scouting for food, and things are pretty quiet aside from the handsome decorations on the old mansion by the post office and the wreathes and christmas lights on all the houses along the way.

   These little things are what make me happy--- that and some fresh gingerbread cookies with coffee! Or pretty candles on a dim holiday mantle, and Christmas music (the soft kind) playing through the house.

   Wishing you a little bit of quiet time this Advent and Christmas. And if you've made Audrey Eclectic a part of your holidays, please know I appreciate it so so much!~



  1. How lovely it must be to walk to your little downtown and see it all festive for the holidays as you make your rounds to the post office. There is something so charming and reassuring to be a part of the ongoing history and life of a community where your family has resided for generations! Mmmm, gingerbread is one of my favorites, especially ginger snaps!

  2. I feel my brain has been overstimulated this holiday season too. I have indeed made Audrey Eclectic a part of my holidays. Snuggled up with Cranford and my tomten on my tree! The quiet times and meditation I am so desperately sneaking away for.

  3. Thank you so much for your beautiful Mother & Child postcard, Audrey. I remember those days when my children were little, I was very involved in church, and felt I had to bake 10,000 cookies to give to EVERYONE practically at church, school, neighbors, etc. I doubt if anyone remembers now, but me. So, I applaud you for wanting a quiet Christmas. Your children will remember the time you took for them, doing little things to prepare for the birth of our Saviour. That IS what is important and will be remembered. :-)

  4. Oh I agree Heather, quite & soft music.
    It is hard especially to have a quiet Christmas when every time you venture out Christmas is everywhere & mostly not in the true meaning. We will have a busy Christmas with 13 coming but hopefully we will get some quiet moments in between. Family is so special to us, being together is Christmas to me.
    have a beautiful quiet Christmas.
    Fondly Michelle

  5. Awesome post, Heather. Thanks for the reminder.


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