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St. Nicholas Day Blessings!

    Happy St. Nicholas Day! One of my favorite holidays of the year, and when the Christmas season really and truly begins to start! This is particular was a nice one, since I had treats from friends waiting for me, and I got out all my sweet little St. Nicholas things (my mama cross stitched the St. Nick sampler, and my sweet friend Winnie sent me the dutch clogs from her trip to Holland a while back!)
   Recently I saw this adorable little St. Nicholas doll from Shining Light Dolls and I knew...I had to make him mine! When its not St. Nicholas Day he will live with my best tea cups and the clogs and dala horses in my china cabinet. The doll comes with a prayer card and info about the saint--- they have a wide variety of dolls, including several international Madonnas.
    Well, its another cold gray here today, but all the pretty Christmas things and music have me feeling festive. Tomorrow is the St. Nicholas Day festival at our church, and there's also Lessons and Carols. We'll also take part in Las Posadas and a living nativity later on in the month. It's my hope that the things we do to celebrate the season will be the meaningful things--- the rest I can do without! I don't remember where I heard it, but the saying "saying no to one thing means saying yes to another."
   We might say 'no' to some activities, but that just means we're deciding to spend our time and effort on something else. That 'something else' might be knitting in bed with hot chocolate, but hey-- to me that's time well spent ;)

   Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of simple things that make you happy---
Til next time

PS-- Don't forget YOU are invited to join me in celebrating St. Lucia Day with a blog procession on Dec. 13! All you'll need to do to take part is create a blog post somehow tying into St. Lucia or Scandinavian Christmas, then come here and add your post web address to the list I will provide! Cant wait to celebrate with you!


  1. It is good to know you are having a great St. Nicholas Day! I'll see what I am able to do for St. Lucia. I've always wanted to bake something special for that day. Don't think I'd be able to serve it with the wreath of lit candles on my head, though.

  2. A Happy St.NIcholas Day to you too, Heather!! It is always a special moment in Advent to celebrate this beloved Saint. He is a reminder to me that we must not forget those who are marginalized , both now and always. I love your festive tree for the occasion too! Cold, grey chilly day? Sounds absolutely perfect in every way for knitting!!

  3. What a pretty little cross stitch! ♥ Did you make it? Happy St. Nicholas day...my husband put lights up on the outside of our house today, I was moral support, looks so pretty!

    1. My mom actually made it when I was little! I love it :)

  4. Happy Saint Nicholas Day! I love that doll from Shining Light Dolls. We may have to add him to our family too! We just love this day, and I totally agree, this is when it really starts to feel like Christmas! Enjoy the knitting in bed with hot chocolate. That sounds great to me! xo

    Here's our Saint Nicholas Day post:

  5. How lovely!!! happy St. Nicholas day!!! one of my favourite feasts!!!

  6. Having a nice day St Nicolas, greeting from Belgium;

  7. Very lovely, hoping St Nicolas has been good,In Belgium we celebrated St Nicolas but no Saint Lucia, but in Italie yes( Santa Lucia)


  8. Happy St. Nicholas day! I hope you had a wonderful feast day!

  9. Happy St. Nicholas day! Oh it is so lovely that your Church celebrates it in such a sweet and thoughtful way. Love that saying about saying no to one thing. It is very true and relieves some of the guilt that can occasionally come with saying no.


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