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Tis the season of Giving

    So, you know I've been working on trying to have a quiet Advent and Christmas. I think a better word for it would be: Intentional. Trying to cut down on things that aren't absolutely needed ( please. Don't worry about the 11 month old! Right now he loves crinkly paper and spoons he steals from the dish washer!)
   When thinking about my own intentional giving, I wanted to do something in that vein through my shop, and I've decided on my sweet little "A Child's Prayer" as the piece with which to do some good with art.
   You might remember I created this painting this past summer and auctioned off to raise funds for International Orthodox Christian Charities. I was inspired to do so by the plight of the Christian and other ethnic minorities facing such terrible treatment and conditions in the middle east. They are being forced to flee their homeland of centuries, sacred relics and sites have been destroyed, families have been separated and people have been hurt or killed in the most inhumane ways.
   My heart is still with these people--- and thinking about what this Advent and Christmas season might be for them makes me want to do whatever I can to ease their stress, sadness and fear and bring any small comfort and joy. I think that is the true, distilled meaning of this season.

  And so--- my offer to you, if you'd like to help contribute-- is simple! For every purchase of this piece as a print ($18) I will donate $10 and for every purchase of a card set ($10) I will donate $5. That's all you'll need to do! I will collect the money until December 24 and then send the funds to IOCC earmarked especially for their middle east programs. Since the Christians in this area enduring this trauma or Orthodox, I felt that the IOCC was the most appropriate organization to support with these funds.

   Anyhow--- thanks so much for coming here today to visit with me! I hope you have a wonderful week!~



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