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New Painting: St. Brigid

     Oh my goodness, I have been trying to write this post for days. Finally, finally I am able to sit down and no one is crying, no one needs a nap or a snack, and I can just sit for a minute (knock on wood)

    This is Saint Brigid-- the first in what I hope to be a series of saints that I will create this year! The original piece has already been sold, but I have already ordered prints and I hope to have those in next week, just in time for St. Brigid's Feast Day on February. Talk about going down to the wire, right?

   We've been having fun gathering a list of saints to paint in the future over on the Audrey Eclectic Facebook page--- but I'm totally willing to take suggestions here as well! Do you have a favorite saint you'd like to see added to the group?

 Funnily enough, I started this St. Brigid many months ago...but during the move to the studio I lost the painting! Just last week I found it again in a tub of supplies and thought "I need to finish this girl!" I was so pleased at the great response she got--- and it's fun to challenge myself to explore and interpret the personalities and stories of the saints through paint.

   What I always remember about Brigid is she was "both a slave and a princess." She was the daughter of a powerful Irish Chieftain and a lowly slave woman. She was able to identify with people in every level of life, and gained the respect of many. In the painting you will notice that she's holding what is known as "the St. Brigid's Cross" and it's one of my favorite shapes. So geometrical and intricate, but made just of grass or straw. Come Palm Sunday, I'd like to give it a try!

   Well, off to start dinner and get ready for the coming week. I am so happy to be in a position where I look forward to Mondays--- the paint brushes are calling me!


  1. I am so delighted to learn about St. Brigid, a saint I had heard about but never read anything about. There are so many interesting primary and lesser saints in the church that I think whatever moves you to paint with will be fun for me to learn about!

  2. She's beautiful, Heather. Looking forward to seeing what other saint's you come up with! We are quite partial to St. George in our family. ;)

  3. My mom and I both adore St. Dymphna. Whenever I mention her, people have no idea, sadly, who she is. Please add her to your list.

  4. She is my very favorite saint. I love this!


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