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A winner and some musings

Hello there! Well, first and foremost, let's announce the St. Brigid print winner, shall we? It is....
Brandi Bates! Congrats, my friend!~

   Ah, in other news....
    it's been cold but sunny here. I've been trying to get to work in the studio and I like having an entirely seperate space for that-- although it's just across the back yard! It's truly the best of both worlds. I dont have dishes and laundry staring me in the face as I try to paint, and I can also just shut the door on my art when I'm done and not have to worry about clearing my things away before we can eat dinner.

   I'm also surprised how fast Lent is approaching! We've been invited to a friend's home for an authentic Mardi Gras feast (she's from Mississippi near New Orleans) and we're really excited! But seriously, didn't we just finish Advent? I must be getting old....

  On the art front, i've been working on another saint and hope to do a whole series of them. What I love about this series concept is that there are saints from almost every country, background, era and life style. It will definitely not be a case of 'the same old same old.' And I like the challenge of trying to interpret each individual life, character and place of origin. Up next? Saint Clare of Assisi! Don't worry, i do plan on adding some guy saints too ;)

  Well, gotta run but I'm so glad you stopped by!~
Have a great week--


  1. In the words of John Denver, 'Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy...' Your studio looks perfect for inspiration and creativity! Congrats to Brandi.

  2. Your art studio is lovely, so much light.
    The paintings you do are beautiful.
    Fondly Michelle

  3. That dreamy little studio (ok big studio) of yours! It's sooo perfect! I love the idea of not having chores nagging at you when you're trying to have creative time. If I waited until everything was finished before I sat down to paint, I'd never paint (and seldom do these days). A separate space makes everything so much more freeing I'd imagine!

  4. I love the Saints series! I can't believe it's nearly Lent. A Mardi Gras dinner sounds fab! We always have pancakes (I would call them crepes but Russ insists they are pancakes!)

  5. Heather, thank you! I promise to own it, and share it, rightly and with love. I'm really, truly honored. Thank you. Love, Brandi


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