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     The days lately have been so busy, yet I feel like there is still so much to get done. Art and Mamahood....its a constant searching for balance and its a rare fleeting moment when it all feels done and complete. It is, I think, never done or complete!

   I'm tired of snow days making us home-bound from church. But I do enjoy quiet days with my family, watching a movie, working on some paintings, playing in my sketch book. I got the receipt letter back from International Orthodox Christian Charities from the donations that were made during the Christmas print special of the print and cards "A Child's Prayer." It's so satisfying to be able to contribute in a small way. My hope is that it goes towards the creation of something good, perhaps even a miracle? You never know!

  This weekend I was looking through my book The Private World of Tasha Tudor and working on some sketching in my little homemade sketch book. I wanted to play around with watercolors, which I havent done in a long time. I love the fluid, almost dreamy quality of water color, but it can be unforgiving. There's much more forgiveness and hope of salvaging a piece with acrylics or oils. With watercolor, you get what you get some times!

   I'm loving looking at my Tasha books though because I am so excited....this summer when we travel up to New England, I will be going on a tour of her cottage and garden! I am so thrilled about this, and just....flabbergasted in a way, that I will be walking into Corgi Cottage, seeing her home where she created and taking in her garden at the height of its summer glory. I feel so lucky and fortunate. And so glad I will be there with a great friend and our girls. For the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to summer!

  Anyhow...I have a little one tugging at me, so I better cut this short. Thanks for your visit today. Wishing an early spring for all of us! Have a good week---


  1. Heather, I really like your watercolor picture of Tasha's homestead and I can't wait to hear all about your trip there this Summer! Watercolors are a favorite medium of mine, although I don't paint. I like the sort of blurry, dreamy look they can give to paintings. Maybe you can do a print from this Tasha house or make some postcards for us?

    Love your Tea with Babushka too! The colors and details just fill it with that bright and colorful beauty of early Spring.

  2. Your springtime art is so stunning! I love your work in water colours, I am not very good with them so I am so very enthralled with those who are. The piece you have shared is just stunning! I love the tea with babushka piece (we always call my grandmother babushka, no clue why, we are not Russian) so it is extra sweet to me!

  3. This might be the first year I am counting down to July! Love your Tasha watercolor!


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