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Holy Week: Palm Sunday

    Today finds us at the beginning of Holy Week, with Palm Sunday happening yesterday. Ooooh, it was pretty interesting trying to take parish photos and wrangle a 14 months old. At one point he darted out into the middle of the choir procession as they made their way through the archway of palms held by all the kids. That picturesque moment almost turned into calamity, but I managed to yank him back by the seat of his pants, much to the giggles of the kids around us. Oh, memories... right? ;)

   I really like Palm Sunday. It's supposed to mark when Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem. He was met with adoring crowds who waved palms in their joy to see him. In areas where there are no palms, other plants will be used for their processions--- like pussy willow. We don't really have a surplus of palms here in Oklahoma, but in these modern times, I think you can just order them in, lol.

  As a kid I can remember doing the palm procession. I don't know that I really knew what it was or why, but it was fun, something different. I find that those really ancient traditions I'd get glimpses of as a kid were the pieces that stuck with me. They caught my attention even then.

  After we got home (all of us having escaped being mowed down by an angelic choir) we took down last year's dried palm crosses behind our icons and replaced them with the fresh ones. With these palm fronds, which are special since they're blessed with Holy water, you have to either burn them or bury them. And since I am so excited to get planting, I think we'll bury them in with the flowers we're going to plant for spring. That seems fitting, don't you think?

  As for me and the painting--- still busy and getting lots of projects worked on, which is so satisfying! Just finished up a very royal commission and now working on a family of silhouettes. Honestly, I should probably start making a plan for Christmas art. It's never too early!!!

  Thanks for coming by to visit me today! And don't forget the sale going on in the esty shop! Coupon code is in my last blog post.

  Talk soon,


  1. One of my favorite parts of Palm Sunday is the processing of the children waving palm branches before the service. Wishing you a blessed Holy Week.

  2. I love the photo of preparing the palm leaves. The colors in the procession with the deep red and green fronds are a beautiful way to begin Holy Week. Christmas art you say? It seems hard to think about it when Spring is just now arriving. But Halloween...... well, for some reason, I can easily get excited!LOL!!

  3. So beautiful and peaceful. I always adored this time of year as a child. We'd always go to Easter mass and we were allowed to use real candles back then so it just added something special. No more real candles, I guess it's a fire hazard. How things change in such a short amount of time!


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