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Latest Work: Patron Saint Painting

    Hello there! I've been busy around here painting on some commission work, which is fantastic! But it also means I have to wait a bit to share it--- but now that I know this piece is safely in its new home, I can share with you this latest piece called "Bless Our Home", which was such a fun project.

   The concept of this painting was to include all the patron saints of the family it was made for, plus Mary. Our Lady takes center with the other saints-- Saint Mark, Saint Anne, Saint Philomena, Saint Benedict, Saint Catherine Laboure and Saint Thomas Aquinas circling around her. The color scheme for this piece was creams and whites with a bit of blue and green. With paintings like this, I like to incorporate the colors that the family already uses in their home so that it blends well with their decorating palette.

  What was fun about this project was getting to do a little research on all the saints, and distill their lives and personalities into a simple portrait. They are at once distinct and connected to each other. There were also some saints I wasn't familiar with, like Catherine Laboure, and it was fun to get to read a little more about each one and expand my knowledge. Each painting is always a learning experience, and that's one of my favorite things about creating. 

  I'm about half way through my spring commissions list, but I am thinking ahead to summer if anyone would like to commission their own piece. I know it's not even Easter, but if you'd like to have something to give at Christmas....it's never too early to start thinking about it. Actually, i should probably get started on my own Christmas art right now, hehe. No matter how early I start, I seem to always wish I'd started earlier!

For more commission info, go to the top of this blog and select the "commissions" page. All my sizing and pricing information is there.

  Well, time to start the day!~
Talk later--


  1. This is so beautiful Heather! Your commissions are always so stunning. Definitely something I have always got in the back of my mind for extra special gifts.

  2. This is a wonderful idea for a family commission! I love how you created the family tree of saints with the beautiful blues too. It will be a treasured family heirloom for sure!


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